“The consecration of the revived spiritual center of the Volgograd region and the South of Russia will be the most significant event of the anniversary year”

In the name of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, an invitation was sent to take part in the solemn events and personally perform the rite of consecration of the Cathedral of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky in Volgograd – on the Day of the Ascension of the Lord on the eve of Russia Day in the building of the reconstructed shrine, Governor of the Volgograd Region Andrei Bocharov chaired a meeting , where plans were outlined for the complete completion of all planned work and preparation of the temple for the opening.

For the first time, the meeting of the Board of Trustees was held in the building of the church: today general construction works are completed by 98.6%, beautification is in the final stage. By the beginning of September, specialists will finish everything planned, including decorating the church with icons.

“This is truly a 21st century event. Six years ago, in November 2016, it seemed like an unfulfilled dream. And today we see how the construction of the cathedral in the hero-city is reaching the home stretch, ”Andrei Bocharov emphasized. “The revival of the main Orthodox shrine in Volgograd and the entire Volgograd region restores historical justice, is a truly long-awaited, inspiring event, I am sure, for all residents.”

The territory around the temple is being put in order. The Aleksandrovsky Garden, opened a year ago, has already become one of the favorite places of attraction for residents and guests of the region; it is included in the federal register of best landscaping practices. The Governor stressed that the full range of planned works on the construction of the cathedral and landscaping of the adjacent territory will be completed by the end of the year. As part of the next stages, it is planned to comprehensively improve the Square of the Fallen Fighters, the Alley of Heroes.

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“The temple is being built by the whole world, with folk funds. Dozens of enterprises and organizations of the Volgograd region and all of Russia, thousands and thousands of residents of the Volgograd region and our guests, representatives of all religions have made and continue to make donations for the construction of the temple. Development is possible when everyone works together, creates, creates. Many thanks to everyone, – Andrey Bocharov thanked. – Special thanks to architects, designers, engineers, builders, painters, icon painters, all craftsmen – for their highly professional work, for their respect for our common history and love for our native land. And, of course, thanks to each of you, dear members of the Board of Trustees, for your personal involvement, indifference, for your help and support. ”

“Andrei Ivanovich personally participated and is taking part in every process: it is worth a lot. A heartfelt, internal, serious approach creates a sense of a team, that we are doing one common cause, – said Metropolitan Feodor of Volgograd and Kamyshinsky. – The restoration of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a milestone in history, a truly epoch-making event not only for the south of Russia, but for the entire state. The temple is a point of unity: a person with God, with his ancestors, with his descendants, with the present, past and future. It is also a connection between the East and the West: the designers, builders and artists, who approached their task with love, managed to realize this. We unite around our history, our ideology, cultural and spiritual values ​​”.

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The year 2021 was declared by the Decree of the President of Russia as the Year of the 800th anniversary of the birth of the holy right-believing prince Alexander Nevsky, the defender of the Russian land. The Volgograd region has been designated as one of the federal centers of celebration. Large-scale events started in January this year at the national final of the Teacher of the Year of Russia competition in Volgograd. Only in the regional plan for the preparation and celebration of the anniversary date included about 140 outstanding events on the territory of all municipalities. Including the publication of the book by Alexander Materikin “Holy Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky: Bibliographic Index of Printed Publications”, the presentation of which took place today at the meeting.

“The Board of Trustees of the Church of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky, together with Metropolitan Theodore of Volgograd and Kamyshin, has sent an invitation to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia to take part in solemn events and personally perform the rite of consecration of the cathedral in Volgograd,” said the head of the region Andrei Bocharov. “The consecration of the revived spiritual center of the Volgograd region and one of the spiritual centers of Russia as a whole will undoubtedly become one of the most important, significant events of this jubilee year, another step in restoring historical justice.”

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