The congressman of a cybersecurity subcommittee accidentally publishes his password

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Mo Brooks, a Republican congressman and member of a cybersecurity subcommittee of the US House of Representatives, posted a photo of his computer on Twitter and did not realize that his email password could also be seen in the image. .

Alabama legislator was sued by Democrat Eric Swalwell, who accused him of having participated in the January Capitol robbery and even hired a private investigator to find out if the congressman was involved in the riots.

For his part, Brooks stated that the detective “committed a crime” by illegally entering his home and “harassing his wife.” He also shared a photo of his computer screen showing the Alabama State Penal Code article on trespassing.

“First degree trespassing. One year in prison. A $ 6,000 fine. And there is more to come!” Brooks wrote in the photo.

However, what attracted the attention of netizens was a sticker with a PIN code and password supposedly handwritten by Brooks himself, who, paradoxically, is a member of a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives that oversees the Pentagon’s cybersecurity.

Fortunately, almost two days later, the legislator realized the embarrassing mistake and cropped the image. It is unknown if anyone managed to get into your email.

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