The beauty is constantly mistaken for her husband’s nurse, because their 50-year age difference looks creepy

Years later, the man met with 28-year-old teacher of children with disabilities, Kelsey Hopeful. It was not love at first sight. For more than two years, Americans spent time together in an extremely friendly way. But then a spark flashed between them.

Due to the 48-year age gap, Kelsey was initially afraid to share the nascent romantic relationship with friends and family. Now everyone knows, and even parents who are much younger than their daughter’s chosen one do not mind at all. True, problems due to age still remain. As soon as a couple go out together, the girl is constantly mistaken for Guy’s nurse.

When we go out to people, strangers often mistake me for Guy’s nurse. And when we explain that we are a couple, more often than not, we get stinging comments or a look of horror on our face. But we feel so good with each other there, and friends who spend time with us see how happy we are.

Kelsey Hopeful

But despite the romance, there is one theme that always spoils Kelsey’s mood. The girl cannot get out of her head the thought that she cannot live her whole life with her beloved, writes Mirror.

I remember we ate pies in Santa Monica and I burst into tears right in front of him, realizing that he had much less years left than me. Now I often say that I am afraid of losing him, because one day in my life there will come a moment when he will no longer be with me. I want him to know now that I always treat him openly and sincerely, so that he feels my gratitude and love, I pray about this every day

Kelsey Hopeful


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