The 29th Villa de Granadilla Rally presented in San Isidro

June 11 / Milagros Regalado ( The San Isidro Espacio Cívico Multifunctional Center (SIEC) hosted the launch of this event of the Tenerife Provincial and Island Rally Championship and, in turn, a new scoring event for the Canary, Provincial and Insular Championship of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Regularity Historic Vehicle Rally. Political and sports authorities responded to this call, which was marked by the sad news of the discovery of the lifeless body of the minor found at the bottom of the sea and that could correspond to that of Olivia, six years old, the girl who disappeared on April 27 in Tenerife with her 1-year-old sister Anna and her father Tomás G. Those present at the presentation ceremony before the event kept a minute of silence and expressed their condolences to the whole family.

With the presentation of the 29th Villa de Granadilla Rally, the Escudería Atogo test accelerates its pulse within a week to celebrate. The San Isidro Espacio Cívico Multifunctional Center (SIEC) hosted the official launch of the third asphalt event of the season in Tenerife, an act presented by Iam Montgomery.

The first to speak was the president of the Escudería Atogo, José M. Velázquez, who was accompanied at the presentation by Francisco Negrin, president of the Inter-island Automobile Federation of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; Benito Rodríguez, president of the Canarian Automobile Federation and Marcos José González Alonso, First Deputy Mayor and head of the General Services, Environment, Sports and Seniors area, in addition the event was attended by different sponsors of the test and members from other teams.

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Escudería Atogo has designed a route meter with 4 double-pass sections: TC 1-5 Arico (ascent) 7.65 Km TC 2-6 Cisnera – Granadilla 11.41 Km TC 3-7 Marteles – Fronton 18; 57 Km TC 4 -8 Atogo (south-north) 6.38 Km.

The administrative checks and technical checks will be carried out in the Los Hinojeros pavilion and then go down to El Médano, to the closed park, which will receive the first participants from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

At 20:00 we will proceed to leave said park towards the park established in the SIEC San Isidro. The competition day will start on Saturday from 8:30 am and it is planned to reach the end of the test at around 6:00 pm with the delivery of trophies at 8:30 am in the Plaza del Médano.

Regarding the list of entries, yesterday closed the term of a test that in principle 77 teams have registered, and that its Official Entry of Enrolled will be the next day 15 at 20.00.

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