Survey shows that New York State is most affected by the epidemic | Mortality | Unemployment rate

[Epoch Times April 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xiaolian Wang reported in New York) As a federal system, the laws and economic policies of the 50 states are relatively independent. During the 2020 epidemic, the response speed and specific policies of each state are very different. In addition to the population composition and economic structure of each state, the impact of the epidemic on each state will be different. A new survey shows that, as measured by two indicators, mortality and unemployment, New York State is most affected by the epidemic.

According to the latest report from Hamilton Place Strategies, New York State has shown the “worst overall result” in saving people’s lives and jobs.

The report shows that compared with expectations before the epidemic, New York lost 55,000 jobs per million residents, second only to Hawaii. The number of deaths per million residents increased by 3,300, roughly the same as Arizona and Alabama.

The sales analysis of some chain retail stores also confirmed this result from another aspect. According to the New York Post, the New York branch of some chain stores has been the most affected compared to branches in other locations.

In the early days of the epidemic, New York became the epicenter of the epidemic, and the policy of closure has greatly affected the tourism industry. The report believes: “States have different policies and methods in mitigating the epidemic, and now the results of various policies have become obvious.”

The report shows that, measured by the two indicators of unemployment and mortality, the least impacted states in the United States are Utah, Idaho, and West Virginia. Not only did Idaho not lose jobs, it actually increased employment opportunities. .

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According to this report, Mississippi has the largest number of deaths, with an increase of 3,800 deaths per million people in the state; Hawaii has the highest unemployment rate, and Florida is in the middle of both categories. ◇

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