Sunshine Black Premium D’or. Disque d’or personnalisable


Sunshine Black Premium D’or

  • Top quality satin black solid wood frame.
  • Total size 42x52cm. Includes glass and wooden backrest.
  • 12 ″ vinyl record (LP) with 18 ka gold finish. “Floating” effect.
  • Printing of labels in CMYK color, glossy finish on 110g baryta paper.
  • Photographic enlargement in the background, printed on 170g pearl paper.
  • Aluminum plate of 26 x 7 cm x 0.45mm, engraved by sublimation. Floating effect
  • Photo 6 × 6 cm on the plate.

Dimensions Sunshine Black Premium D’or

Personalized gifts

Satin black wood frame.

Width: 42cm.

Height: 52 cm.

Thickness: 1.5 cm.

Genuine 12 ″ gold plated vinyl record (LP) with our exclusive “18 Ka Gold” finish, personalized with your photo in the center of the disc, your phrase engraved on the plate and a 6x6cm photo. Download the background image with sufficient quality to avoid pixelation and get the best impression. Use the circular crop tool to fit the cookie image. You can use the same photo for the 6x6cm cover, or two different photos. Add text and edit it. Use the Zoom tool to verify that everything is in order. You can download files in transparency for the engraving of the plate, you have all the information in the tab “Designers area”.

This is not a poster or a printed sheet. On the background photograph, we place the 12 ″ 90g vinyl record that we manufacture exclusively for our products, on a hidden support to generate the “floating effect”. An effect that simulates that the recording is suspended, without touching the bottom. And on the disc, a 26 x 7 cm aluminum plate, with enough space for texts and logos, engraved by sublimation, plus a 6 x 6 cm photo cover.

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Create your designs freely, you can see the final result anytime before purchasing. You will receive a confirmation email with your design so that you can share it and show it to your friends.

The Sunshine Black Premium D’or model is an exclusive design of My Gold Record Shop. Made 100% in our workshops with quality products, taking care of all the details, and that you will not find in any other store in the world.

You can buy 1, but if you need more quantity, we will give you some discount:

+ 10 pcs = -5% + 25 pcs = -10% +500 pcs = -20%

MANUFACTURING TIME = 3 days (72 working hours)
DELIVERY TIME = Manufacturing time + Shipping method you select.

The “Manufacturing time” counts from orders created and paid by Card or PayPal before 2:00 pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of local and national holidays. Orders created and paid outside this range will be carried over to the next business day.
IMPORTANT: If you select “Bank transfer” as the method of payment, your order will not be produced until the amount is reflected in our bank account.
Delivery times for 1 (one) unit. Please contact us and check delivery times and availability for more units.


All our records are decorative only. We do not record audio and we do not re-label vinyl records with music. The discs are only and exclusively intended for decorative and artistic purposes. The “18K Gold”, “18K Platinum”, “24K Gold”, “24K Platinum”, “36K Gold” and “36K Platinum” nomenclatures correspond to advertising names allowing the different products to be identified, but make no reference to the content of real gold or platinum on these products.
The images used correspond to actual products, although the number of tracks and certain colors of the product sent may vary from the number of tracks and colors of the product presented in store.

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