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Not only Podolsk has an anniversary this year. The Sunday School at the Trinity Cathedral celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the years, many students have graduated from its walls. On Sunday, the school held a solemn assembly, which was attended by the head of the district, Nikolai Pestov.

In 1991, the Sunday School was founded at the Trinity Cathedral in our city. Exactly 30 years have passed since then. Over the years, many students have graduated from its walls. Now 90 children are studying at Sunday School. The ruling bishop of the Podolsk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Aksiy of Podolsk and Lyubertsy, addressed the pupils of the school.

– You, my dears, get here not only knowledge, you become smart, knowledgeable children. The most important thing is that you are here in an atmosphere dear and close to every heart – an atmosphere of love and unity. When you communicate, run, play, study science, know that all of this will respond with good fruit in your hearts., – is talking Axiy, Archbishop of Podolsk and Lyubertsy.

The head of the Podolsk City District Nikolay Pestov congratulated the audience on the anniversary of the Sunday School.

– If you think about it, 30 years, or 1/8 of the historical path of Podolsk, the city lives with a Sunday school, and the Sunday school sows good and light in the city. I am glad that today many graduates of the Sunday School have gathered here, and among them are the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, people who have shown themselves in different fields and today do not break ties with the institution that is dear to them. With all my heart I wish success to those who are studying today, I thank the teachers and wish that for many more years the Sunday School of the Trinity Cathedral will be a model of life, activity, teaching, knowledge, and most importantly – the upbringing of highly spiritual people, – stressed Nikolay Pestov, head of Podolsk.

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Nikolai Pestov noted the work of the Sunday School team with Gratitude, presented municipal awards to teachers, distinguished students and devotees from the parental community. Nikolai Pestov congratulated the founder of the Sunday School, Archpriest Alexander Ganaba.

– In these flowers, Father Alexander, respect and love for you and everyone you encouraged to do a good deed 30 years ago. Happy Holidays! – said Nikolay Pestov, head of Podolsk.

After that, the honored guests, together with the pupils of the Sunday School, planted lindens, lilac and spirea bushes in the park on Cathedral Square.

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