Summer truffles arrive at Don Salvatore restaurant

The classic Italian gastronomy in Valencia passes through the kitchens of Don Salvatore, at number 41 Conde Altea street. This is where Jonathan Yankey, an American from Alabama, decided to open his restaurant in 1996 after his hospitality experience in Italy. That was fate, son of the military, he ended up in Europe and decided to stay there, especially when he discovered Valencia. There was no one to move it.

The restaurant has incorporated extensions and notable improvements in all these years, now it has open-plan kitchens in view of the diner and three dining rooms with excellent furniture, tablecloths and remarkable crockery and cutlery. These are details that may sometimes seem inconsequential, but they are the ones that predispose to tasting and enjoying good food. Then there is the room service, it is evident that ‘il capo’ Yankey participates in his training, impeccable treatment, professionalism and always attentive to any detail that the diner needs. Jonathan is ubiquitous, roaming the restaurant spreading good humor and cordiality, and never leaves anything to chance.

Original pasta and pizzas

In these last days of spring I went to the appointment that Bodegas Beronia proposed to me in Don Salvatore with the aim of knowing their latest vintages. The Italian monitor lizard had just arrived at the restaurant, so it was proposed to give a good account of them among other proposals. No more getting settled, with the first drinks an aperitif of Mortadella Bolognese, Parmesan flakes and Bella de Cerignola Olives is served. It was followed by Tuscan Sardine with Eggplant with a very lively caper sauce. The truffle arrived on a poached egg to which a touch of Taleggio cheese sauce was added, which did nothing more than provide that unctuous base that truffles always need to expand their aromas. In addition to the pizzas, of remarkable cut and chosen ingredients, it is worth highlighting the pastas, always with flours from selected Italian mills and that, in my case, I was presented with Spaghetti with Pecorino and Truffle that are finished inside the casing. of a pecorino cheese and gallidón before the table. Extraordinary. The main ones were made with a T-bone, which you already know takes part of the sirloin and the entrecote from this cut of beef. Touch yankee, without a doubt. Memorable tiramisu for desserts, not in vain, it was the first restaurant to prepare it in the city.

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Please note: the restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, the dining rooms are open-plan (also served on the terrace) and have ozone purifiers installed. Yankey is in everything. To make mouth.


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