Sued for Play Store monopoly •

36 US states are filing lawsuits.

Washington DC and 36 other US states are accusing Google of antitrust violations and filed a lawsuit against the mega-corporation on July 7, 2021.

How Politico reported, the lawsuit was filed in California and cited in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah, challenging Google’s monopoly on its Play Store.

Apple already had a lawsuit from Epic Games on its neck after Fortnite was removed from its store, as the manufacturer enjoys a monopoly position. Now the direct competition Google is also attacking.

The trigger for the current application are Google’s plans from September to charge a fee of 30 percent for every digital good sold through the Play Store. In addition to its app store, the company’s huge position in the search engine and advertising sector is also worrying.

Google itself considers this complaint to be “unfounded”, since its system “offers more openness and options than others”.

“This lawsuit mimics a similar unsubstantiated lawsuit by the major app developer Epic Games, which has taken advantage of the openness of Android by selling its Fortnite app outside of Google Play,” said Google’s senior director of public policy Wilson White Statement.

“We understand the need for review and we are determined to work with regulators. But Android and Google Play offer openness and choice that other platforms just don’t have.”

“This litigation is not about helping the little man or protecting the consumer,” continued White. “It’s about promoting a handful of large app developers who want to take advantage of Google Play without paying for it.”

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“This risks increasing costs for small developers, hindering their ability to innovate and compete, and making apps across the Android ecosystem more unsafe for consumers.”

What do you think of Google’s monopoly? Is the power of the group still in a manageable area or is it already in a gray area of ​​antitrust law?

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