[Successful bid]Sold out McLaren “Speedtail”, good result of 340 million yen at auction, why not be happy to let go | AUTOCAR JAPAN

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McLaren 3-seater Hyper GT
At RM Sotheby’s Auction
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McLaren 3-seater Hyper GT

text: Kazuhide Ueno (Kazuhide Ueno)

photo:Ted Seven aka Ted7/RM Sothebys

The Ultimate series is at the top of the McLaren lineup.

So far, P1, P1 GTR, Senna, and Elba have been sent out, but the “Speed ​​Tail” has been introduced into the Hyper GT range, which is a new category in the series.

2020 speed tail (serial number 036) exhibited at RM Sotheby’s Arizona Aution.