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Welcome to betFIRST, the best online sports betting site in Belgium! On betFIRST you can place online bets on all your favorite sports. We have a wide variety of choices. It contains the most common sports like football, basketball, tennis or cycling. But that’s not all ! You can also bet on sports less common in Europe such as American football, baseball or beach soccer. Whether you like team sports like cricket or individual sports like golf or boxing, know that you will find what you are looking for on our online sports betting platform. But as if that weren’t enough, we also allow members of the betFIRST community to place online bets on esports also known as e-sports or even virtual sports which have become extremely popular with punters these days. last years. As you have certainly understood by now, the choice is far from being what is lacking on betFIRST, because our teams are always on the lookout for the latest competitions or new trendy disciplines in order to allow our players to be able to place online bets on new events. And by extension, making the experience on our online sports betting site even more exciting. betFIRST is not just a simple sports betting site, we also offer you to watch around 28,000 unique events per year. In addition we offer exciting features like Goal Rush, Multiway +, Cash Out, Add2Bet, Lucky Express, Lucky Bet Team and more. But that’s not all, our teams are working hard to allow players to have a memorable experience while putting their pockets in their pockets. To do this, we have decided to pamper our players, the most loyal, the regulars, but also the newcomers.

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Sports betting on the football market

The most popular sports bets are certainly those placed on the football market! We know it very well, football is one of the most popular and watched sports in the world. On our online betting site, you will find all the events, both global and national: you won’t miss a thing! Who do you think will score first or last? What will the total goals be at the end of the match? How many goals will be scored in the first half? And these kinds of bets are only a tiny fraction of what you can find on betFIRST. Find all your favorite teams, all leagues and big games and start betting right away! If football isn’t your thing, we have plenty of other sports that are sure to make you happy.

Types of sports betting available

There are a variety of different sports bets available and such a choice can sometimes prove to be intimidating for first-time punters! But don’t worry, betFIRST is here to guide you and offer you the best options and bets that suit you. The most popular bets are single bets, combination bets and system bets. If you are new to the betting market, we recommend that you look into these types of sports betting to get started. The simple bet, as its name suggests, relates to only one event and can be made at any sports market. For example, choose a match, the team you think will win, and select an odds. All you have to do is choose the amount of your bet and it’s done! Then you just have to wait to see if your prognosis was good. Single bets include more options which you can consult from our Help section in the Betting Guide. However, why not try a combination bet? Unlike the single bet, this type of bet combines a minimum of two selections. As you can see, combined bets allow you to increase the amount of your potential winnings. Pick multiple sporting events, and get ready to win big if all of your predictions turn out to be correct. You can accumulate up to 8 selections! Find more information on the many advantages of combined bets in the Bets Guide section. For more seasoned bettors, system bets are excellent. Like combination betting, system bets allow you to bet on more than one event at the same time. However, the difference is that all of your predictions don’t have to be all correct to win. A simple winning combination is enough! The list does not stop there and we invite you to discover all the sports betting options available to you on betFIRST. Bet on your favorite sports market with betFIRST!

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