Spokesperson for the families of the Casino Royale victims questions the candidacy of Fernando Larrazabal


Because consider that Fernando Larrazabal Breton is an “entity” full of corruption that has always seen for its personal interests in the positions of popular election that it has occupied, Samara Pérez, spokesperson for the relatives of the victims of the Casino Royale questioned the candidacy of the PAN to the governor of Nuevo León.

Interviewed by phone from Tucson, Arizona, the activist pointed out that when he was mayor of Monterrey, Larrazabal Bretón was totally ignorant and showed zero empathy with the victims of the tragedy of the arson attack that cost the lives of 52 people.

At the precise moment when the tragedy occurred, when he was mayor (of Monterrey), what we saw was a lack of rapprochement, he could not even face us to recognize the bodies of our relatives; It was terrible, ”he recalled.

He mentioned that corruption prevailed in relation to the permits with which the casino operated, located on San Jerónimo avenue, and which was attacked by a group of the dorganized crime, on August 25, 2011.

It showed a permit which was not even developed as is. The Magistrates who had knowledge of it were dismissed, so that corruption was undeniable that it is documented, “he said.

He stated that this situation should sound very strong to the people who live in Nuevo León and worry that a person with these characteristics could reach the governorship.

Because they do not care about citizens, the only thing that matters is their person, “he said.

He pointed out that also when he was a federal deputy never did anything For the state.

Nobody knew about his job and in the positions he has held he serves himself. He has no conscience, ”he stressed.

He added that the fact that this “individual” has power it’s a danger.

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She clarified that she has to call him an individual because for her I will not rock any respect

He explained that his criticisms not only refer to the corruption that prevailed with the Casino Royale issue, but to subsequent events known as the “quesogate” in which Jonás Larrazabal Bretón was also involved, brother of the then PAN mayor.

As it will be remembered, through a video it was aired that the municipal president’s brother received bundles of bills from a casinero, but Jonás justified the action claiming that it was the payment for the cheeses he sold.

It is an entity (Fernando Larrazabal Bretón) full of corruption, it is an entity that does not care about people. Unfortunately, he learned in his electoral campaign that he is one more victim of the Casino Royale; Which victim? if this person was corrupt, he is corrupt and there is fear that such a person could sit in a governorship, “he concluded.


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