Sophia Ernst on filming during pregnancy, working with emotions and love to exercise

Since June 10, the third season of the series “The Kept Women” will be released on the START online platform, and Sophia Ernst will once again appear on the screen in the role of a secular gallery owner Dasha, even more self-confident than before. Her heroine is a fashionista; Sophia does not lag behind and looks luxurious in any scenery. Even in the fitness club, in the locker room of which we hid sexy summer looks and pure diamonds for her

Dress, Helmut Lang;  Classic earrings, gold, diamonds, Mercury photo № 1
Dress, Helmut Lang; Classic earrings, gold, diamonds, Mercury

You can endlessly watch how Sophia Ernst poses for photographer Danil Golovkin, like water and fire. The “scales” of Helmut Lang’s dress sparkles, rising from the pool, leaning against the wall and putting his hands behind his head, as if standing on the bridge, dancing, tiptoeing to the laptop to look at the finished footage. Perhaps the excellent control of her body is the result of a long-standing friendship with sports: the schoolgirl Sophia was seriously involved in fencing (and recently, during the filming of the film “On the Edge”, she again took an ideal fighting stance as a saber fencer of the Russian national team) and left professional sports only because did not want to build a career in him. “I’m too lazy for that,” explains Ernst, pouring cool effervescent water into his and my glasses. But our conversation confirms the opposite: she does not lack strength of mind, self-discipline and perseverance.

Dress, WOS by Andrey Artyomov;  trench coat, Max Mara;  sandals, Khaite photo # 2
Dress, WOS by Andrey Artyomov; trench coat, Max Mara; sandals, Khaite

Every morning, the 33-year-old actress starts exercising. He says he won’t wake up otherwise. “I would not call it a sport – just a pleasant time alone with myself. My basic exercises are the plank, push-ups, squats, and the back bridge. When I don’t want to strain, I can stretch or dance, ”says Sophia. She also loves baths, cold showers, skiing in winter and jogging in summer, and long walks on trips (“No music or audiobooks – I like the sound of my thoughts”). Recently at the resort “First Line” near St. Petersburg I mastered Scandinavian walking and now advises me: “It opens up the chest very well. We have it squeezed due to the fact that we stoop and lower our heads, constantly looking at the phone. ” Caring for the body is naturally inscribed in her daily life, there is no obligation or violence against herself (“I don’t like to work with a coach – as I do, no one knows my body”). It seems to be the same with everything – she does what she likes.

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“True beauty is the fruit of spiritual, intellectual work. It does not lie in anatomy, but in sight, energy, thoughts ”

Sophia Ernst – about tough jokes, her husband’s approval, criticism and decree To read

During her third pregnancy, she, by that time already the mother of two weather-daughters, starred in the new season of “Kept Women” with Yuri Moroz. It was not easy, but I said to myself in the morning: “Get up, rag”, got up and walked to the site. “I was in the first trimester, the most sleepy one, when one day we worked with Dasha Moroz all day. And at the end of the shift I “swam”, it was impossible to get together. “I am a woman-slime,” I said then to Dasha, because this is how I felt. But instead of answering me sternly: “Sonya, let’s get it together,” Dasha began to laugh out loud! Then she joked for a long time on the set: “Look, the woman-slurry is coming,” Sophia laughs.

Top, Limé;  skirt, Alice + Olivia;  sandals, Jil Sander photo № 3
Top, Limé; skirt, Alice + Olivia; sandals, Jil Sander

– You have been playing a “kept woman” ready for anything for your goal for three years now. For such a period of time, you probably get closer to the character in earnest.
What do you learn from your heroine, gallery owner Dasha?

– Ability not to be led by emotions. Do not suppress them, namely do not lead. By nature, I am an explosive person, but now I began to notice that I behave calmly even in those situations where I would have flared up before. I understand that I will spend energy, but this will not bring me closer to the result.

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Sophia Ernst: “I have very high demands on myself” To read

Since the first season, “The Kept Women” have shone with fashionable outfits, and I’m trying to figure out what awaits us in the new chapter of the story. “Oh, there will be something incredible in the third season! We sometimes got so carried away with costume designer Natasha Kanevskaya that in the end the director even asked to ground the images a little, to bring them closer to reality, ”she says. In addition to “unreal” costumes, the confident beauty Dasha will wear earrings and a Mercury ring from the Miss Russia collection and a luxurious Chopard necklace from the Temptations collection with amethysts, sapphires, kunzites and diamonds. True, Sophia is sad that the pink pajamas that she liked to take home from the site during her work on the first two seasons are gone from the heroine’s wardrobe. “They don’t give jewelry home,” she jokes. – Nowadays I like jewelry even more than clothes. I believe in the power of gems. They were created by nature beautiful for a reason – the stones nourish us energetically ”.

Top, Limé;  glasses, Versace;  earrings, rings Miss Russia;  necklace, Classic bracelet, all - gold, diamonds, Mercury photo № 4
Top, Limé; glasses, Versace; earrings, rings Miss Russia; necklace, Classic bracelet, all – gold, diamonds, Mercury

In addition to Dasha in “The Kept Women”, Sophia simultaneously played one of the central roles in “Gloomy River”, another TV series by Yuri Moroz, based on the novel by Vyacheslav Shishkov, which premiered on Channel One in April. Her heroine is Nina Kupriyanova, the daughter of a major industrialist, who is trying to save her father’s legacy from her husband, who has lost his mind in the pursuit of wealth. It turns out that both girls are fighting for money, and yet they have little in common. “The fate of Nina is the story of Vassa Zheleznova. In terms of strength of character, temperament, purity of intentions, this heroine cannot be compared with Dasha, and she is closer to me personally. ”

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Jacket, Atelier Biser;  trousers, Victoria Beckham;  earrings, rings, all - Classic, gold, diamonds, Mercury photo № 5
Jacket, Atelier Biser; trousers, Victoria Beckham; earrings, rings, all – Classic, gold, diamonds, Mercury

By the time filming ended in “Gloomy River” Ernst was already seven months pregnant. “Really? – I am surprised. – Completely imperceptible. “All thanks to a good shot! They even hid my belly behind a samovar, ”the actress laughs. Observing his wife’s busy schedule at that time, Konstantin Ernst, who initially did not particularly approve of her idea of ​​becoming an artist, repeated the mantra: “God, give me peace of mind to accept what I cannot change, and the courage to change what I can.” Remembering this, Sophia smiles: “Well, we complement each other well – I am responsible for recklessness in our family.”

Photo: Danil Golovkin

Style: Irina Firsova

Makeup: Nika Kislyak

Hairstyles: Olga Charandaeva

Producer: Olga Zakatova

Photographer’s assistants: Andrey Kharybin, Dmitry Suvorov / BOLDMOSCOW

Stylist assistants: Lena Dadamyan, Anastasia Malikova

Producer’s assistants: Victoria Zakharochkina, Artyom Nazarov

We would like to thank the fitness club A-fitness Kislovsky @ fitness_kislovsky for help in organizing the shooting.


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