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Sonne SONNE Arizona SOR001 Men’s wallet

SONNE which means “sun” in German. It is a brand that pursues dignified beauty and functionality by adding the sensibility unique to Japan to the manufacturing and pride of the traditional European Maison. The difference color combination design is an accent, and the leather that is carefully selected and has a characteristic texture unique to leather will become more glossy as you use it. Cards and banknotes are easy to take out, making it a highly practical product. The simple design can be used habitually regardless of age, gender, or scene. Please enjoy the distinctive design and the timeless Sonne-like design.


Color: camel

Color: chocolate


Body: Cowhide (Arizona leather)


Opening and closing:[Wallet partition]Yes[Coin purse opening and closing]Zipper type[Card holder]x 12[Pocket]x 2


Body Seis: 19cm width, 9.5cm width, 2cm thickness

Weight: about 212g

set content



Gender: Men’s

Product category: Wallet> Long wallet

Management code



* Our company shoots with a strobe in the studio. In addition, since you are viewing through your monitor, the color may differ from the actual product when viewed under fluorescent light or natural light, so please understand before purchasing. I will.

* Accessories may differ slightly due to changes in specifications.


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