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No modern interior can be imagined harmonious and complete without upholstered furniture. High-quality upholstered furniture not only has a long service life, but also gives a feeling of calm and comfort. The advantages of upholstered furniture are not limited to appearance, upholstery or shape. For furniture to be of high quality, you need a good filler.

In order to provide armchairs and sofas with maximum softness and elasticity, furniture manufacturers are increasingly striving to use FPPU in their production. It is no coincidence that reputable manufacturers strive to buy polyurethane foam for furniture, providing it with maximum softness and elasticity. These qualities allow the end product owner to get the most out of the pleasant relaxation in the comfortable seats.

Elastic molded polyurethane foam is a modern, safe material for health, obtained using modern technologies, characterized by increased strength and long service life. Due to its flexibility and elasticity, molded furniture foam provides maximum comfort for backrests and seats.

The main advantages of elastic FPPU:

  • Flexibility and easy transformation – Due to the unique structure of the material with an air volume of 98%, increased resilience and elasticity is ensured
  • Selecting the required stiffness – another advantage of molded elastic polyurethane foam is the ability to select the required rigidity of the product, which allows you to produce furniture from the same filler for different segments
  • Proven reliability – an equally important quality is the increased strength of the FPPU product. All this provides the chairs with a longer service life.

Environmental safety of molded polyurethane foam:

In addition to the above advantages, FPPU has increased environmental friendliness and safety for the end user due to the following qualities:

  • No allergic reactions to the material
  • Does not accumulate dust.
  • Resists moisture and mold.
  • Harmless to people and pets.
  • Complies with global hygiene standards

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