Sky: The new series (seasons) in February 2021 – Documentary-shaped half-lockdown

It is a pure ups and downs of feelings. Hope alternates with frustration and indolence, in between there is a bit of overwhelm and the well-known “ceiling on your head” falling, then it goes back to hope and the game starts again. Let’s hope that February will really be the last lockdown-marked month of this year and all years to come, that we flatten the curve again and put this damn virus in its place. It would be wonderful if Corona were no longer the number one topic, if we finally had other things to report again, because we finally experience cool things again and because our lives are more self-determined again. Just imagine if we could report on vacations, happy family celebrations, cool concerts (not that we would ever do it all right here on the blog, but I mean, of course, do it purely theoretically could) – everything is currently hard to imagine. So for the next few weeks we have to keep going for the well-known walk around the block and the favorite place on the sofa. Switch on the appropriate program and escape from everyday life, to other cities and countries, “get to know” new people, listen to new stories and adventures.

Let’s take a look at what Sky can do to help in February in the following overview. Fans of “Private Eyes” get their money’s worth with the provision of the first three and the start of the fourth season. For everyone who would like to stay a little closer to reality, there will also be one or two documentaries in February, for example “Narco Wars – Fight Against Drugs”. What’s on your plan?

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New seasons & series on Sky:
Start dates February 2021

February 1st

Blue Bloods (1. & 2. Staffel – FOX)

3 February

Private Eyes (Seasons 1-3 & Season 4 – 13th Street)

February 4th

Narco Wars – Fighting Drugs (Season 1 – National Geographic – Documentary)
Tin Star (3. Staffel – Sky Atlantic)

February 7th

Europe from Above (Season 2 – National Geographic)

February 11th

The Outpost (3. Staffel – SyFy)

February 18

Train-Hopping Around the World (Season 1 – Spiegel TV Wissen – Documentary)

19th of February

FBI (Season 2, sequel – 13th Street)

20. February

Mission Mars 2020 (Season 1 – National Geographic – Documentary)

21st of February

The Loch Ness Monster: New Clues (Season 1 Discovery Documentary)
The Brown Terror (Season 1 – Spiegel Story – Documentary)

February 24th

For Life (2. Staffel – Sky Atlantic)

February 26th

Snakes in the City (7. Staffel – National Geographic – Doku)

27th of February

Ice Airport Alaska (Season 1 – Spiegel TV Wissen – Documentary)


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