Sir Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola Nigerian Jurist-Politics, Law and Government-2021

Adetokunbo Adegboyega Ademola 爵士(Born on February 1, 1906, NigeriaAbekuta, Died on January 29, 1993, in Lagos, Nigeria), a Nigerian lawyer and judge, he was the first indigenous chief justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria (1958-72) and co-founder of the Nigerian Law School.

Ademola was the son of Sir Ladapo Ademola II, who was the sober king of the Egba people in southwest Nigeria from 1920 to 1962. Ademola was educated at King’s College in Lagos and Selwyn College in Cambridge. He studied law at the Middle Temple in London and was admitted to the Bar Association in 1934.

After returning to Nigeria, Ademola worked in the civil service, engaged in legal work, and served as a magistrate (1939–49) and Poigne (junior) judge (1949–55). In 1949, he was appointed by the British colonial authorities as a judge of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and in 1955 was appointed chief judge of the Western Region. Three years later, he was promoted to chief justice of the federal government. After Nigeria became independent in 1960, Ademola retained his position. He retired from the bench in 1972. He was chosen to supervise the 1973 national census, but this controversial result was never officially accepted. However, he still serves as a public service, serving as the Prime Minister of Nigeria’s University since 1975 and the Chairman of the Commonwealth Foundation since 1978. Admora was knighted in 1957 and appointed as a private consultant in 1963.

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