Singer Natalia Samoilova released a video for the song “Sirena”

Russian singer, author of music for films and television series Natalya Samoilova announced the release of a new video for the song “Sirena”. Valery Vardanyan became its director. Siren has a bewitching voice inherited from her mother and wild spontaneity received from her father. For centuries, her songs have fascinated wanderers, helping them forget about sorrows and misfortunes, drawing them into the beautiful realms of harmony and dreams. In the new video, Natalya Samoilova will appear in the form of the Siren, attracting viewers to the bosom of nature. As our Sirena said, from childhood she liked to be alone with the forest, sing, listen to the sound of the wind before a thunderstorm, rustle of leaves, whisper of herbs. The singer recalls that the strength of people is in love for the world around them, for nature. Man is only a guest on this beautiful planet, whose task is not to harm. All people are able to communicate in the language of peace and love, but for this you need to have courage and willpower, she said. The idea of ​​peace is reflected not only in the clips of Natalia Samoilova, but also in all of her work. She has repeatedly visited hot spots of the planet with concerts. Natalia has already given concerts in the North Caucasus and Syria. She remembered these performances for the rest of her life. It’s hard to see bombed cities, ruins of residential areas, orphaned kids. The biggest reward for the singer is the happy smiles of the civilians. Only by uniting, people will be able to save life, peace and love on the planet, Natalya Samoilova is sure.

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