SHINGLAS COUNTRY (Alabama) 2.6 m2 / unit for 460 rubles. in the online store

Shinglas Country Alabama shingles are made on the basis of fiberglass impregnated on both sides with oxidized bitumen. This collection of tiles is two-layer (or, as it is also called, laminated). The tile is characterized by high reliability, long service life and volumetric texture.

Bitumen tends to break down from ultraviolet radiation. To prevent this from happening, the shingles are sprinkled with a continuous layer of basalt chips – this also extends the service life of the roofing material. To give the color to the tiles, the basalt dressing is thermally painted. This method of staining allows you to maintain the color fastness of the Shinglas Country roof for many years.

The Shinglas Country collection differs from Shinglas Jazz in the thickness of the shingle layers.

For installation of roofing from flexible shingles it is necessary to install a continuous sheathing on the roof. Large-panel decking is recommended to be made of OSB boards.


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