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Science is foolish, science is deceitful. In the past few days, the truth was revealed with the help of Fauci. We made such a characterization, and many people sounded a bit harsh and awkward. You are also scientific in your show, right? You have to use a microphone, you have to use a video camera, isn’t it all scientific? Yes, it is a tool. You can’t regard it as a mentality and leader. You can’t regard it as the future and goal of your life. When people are chasing science itself, what is destroyed is people’s cognition of morality and a real adherence to morality, replacing human morality with science. So it responded to what some people said, science is good, scientists are bad, why are scientists bad?Your son today6Years old, you spend tomorrow3Ten thousand yuan to go to private schools, private schools in New York State, grew up55,000US dollars for a year, if your son6year old7When you are55000Go to that school, do you know what the teacher teaches? An enlightenment textbook that teaches boys and girls how to perceive their own characteristics of adults.

New York State’s textbooks, private schools, the very famous school called Dalton, if children67Years old55,000U.S. dollars, this kid is going to arrive12Years old, do you say how much his tuition fee per year? This is the story. Many people in that private school send their children to private schools, looking forward to a kind of talent cultivation. My son is different from others. Yes, the sons of each family are different. If the same is the same, it is a mother. . The independent existence of every individual in the world of heaven and earth is itself a providence and a destiny. Even those who read science today do not understand, so what are you talking about?

Therefore, from a scientific point of view, the process of a person’s growth towards a scientist is the process of destroying one’s self-cognition and the process of man’s conquering nature. People in Beijing call their butts punk, which means they use their butts to defeat people’s souls. People say that it’s the Beijing dialect. It is only natural for the Beijing dialect to reveal in this way that people who worship science today are a piece of rotten meat, so that this kind of story we have seen so far appears.

Science is a simple appearance, just like the suit I wear. You scold those people, this person takes others by appearance, how much do you think cosmetics are selling now? You see, after the girl came out seventeen, eighteen, eighty-nine, you went to Korea or some girls related to Korea, you can’t tell who is who, what a look, that’s not, it’s all a model with plastic surgery If you use a knife and a gun on your face, where is the cut meat on your butt, isn’t that the only thing to do? Man is destroying everything he and God have given you, for this face. What is this face? Why do you use plastic surgery? You can’t see it either. Show it to others. Others see too much. You call others a hooligan. Science promotes all of this. But when people chase this thing in their hearts, they destroy their inherent dignity. Scientists are here, and the girls playing outside are also here. Their lives are the same inside, so what is his concept? Destroy the family, destroy the humanity, because there is no need, only himself, right?

Two lie, Beijing people call a lie, some people say a lie, a lie, I don’t know. Two lie, in the elevator, this buddy fart, only he knows, others don’t know, he did, he just finished his fart, he immediately asked, who did the fart? This elevator is crowded, no one knows who farted, and then point at another person to fart. Everyone hates that person. The whole elevator is full of scientists. Why haven’t you confirmed these scientists? You have to prove it by data? You have to prove that it was that buddy fart? That man, I didn’t put it on, the more it became darker and darker.

This is today’s democratic society, this is today’s elite, and this is the most destructive reality in real life today. So the truth does not exist, the truth has completely disappeared. If you lose the truth, you lose the kindness. In fact, it has lost truth and compassion. Why is it called losing the truth and losing the compassion? Any religion is for people to maintain people’s integrity, and any religion is to maintain people’s integrity from its perspective. As a result, in today’s real life, along with the loss of religion, no one insists on honesty, only people protect their own interests, his interests, and the maximization of the interests of each individual in various ways. It is his greatest integrity, he is worthy of himself. Lies are everywhere, beggars, robbers, courts, parliaments, government, media, movies, and brothers drinking together. This is defeated.

So if people lose their truth, let’s talk about them without compassion. Without the meaning of compassion, the gods, Buddhism and Taoism that people once believed in can no longer control you. If people don’t play with you, wouldn’t there be no compassion? Compassion does not belong to human beings. Compassion belongs to those noble people in the realm who are compassionate to others. Then if there is no compassion in the world, how can there be kindness in the world? Nothing, the kindness itself is regarded as a deception. I really care about you. After you understand, I beg you, don’t kill me. why? Everything that is false makes the real people shudder, and the false enthusiasm makes the real people shudder. What he sees is that people have fallen to this level today.

What is that thing? Politeness, the politeness spoken by Westerners has become a fraud. What people say this is so cruel? Without this, today’s pandemic would not have occurred.Today’s pandemic has gone back10In 2015, scientists wanted people to conquer the sky, and the bird flu virusH5N1Create a super virus on the basis of, in order to prevent the emergence of100The Spanish flu a year ago. The Spanish flu, in their scientists’ cognition, they admit that it will happen. What to do then? Before it appeared, I made the virus in the laboratory, and I made the virus and then made the vaccine.

Yesterday, the man who cut his hair was really funny, saying that Brother Tao was wrong. It turns out that in the martial arts novels, he made the antidote first, and then made the poison. I said that in the original martial arts novels, the people who made the antidote and made the poison were Sichuanese and Jin Yong’s novels were all Sichuanese who poisoned. The poisoner is also restrained. He is not poisoning for no reason, and he will not poison everyone. Now the person is not restrained. When there is no restraint, he has to have drugs first and then vaccines. So you can see that the virus has come out, the vaccine is following fast,9It came out in a month, because the people who made the vaccine were all virus-playing people, a wave of people, this is still not clear? After the source of the virus was completely revealed, there was the participation of the U.S. government, the participation of people in the deep government of the U.S. government, the participation of today’s leftist regime, and the participation of today’s leftist media. With the help of China, they controlled the Communist Party of China. The place below, not the place of people, experiment in that place.

And that place is really not a place of people, it is a place of the Communist Party. They accepted this experiment to kill all people. One yin and one yang, the degeneration of human society appeared today. So look at the virus, now it will take less than a week for everyone to discuss vaccines.25100 million people have been vaccinated, the virus is1More than 100 million people, a group of people did it, right? This is everything we face today. So people will have big troubles, they will definitely. In human reality, both the pros and cons are evil, and the pros and cons are both deviating from God. Now there is another aspect that the Communist Party itself is not a human being, and the problem lies here. Therefore, the Communist Party itself is not a human being, and it is another opportunity for how bad people to reject the Communist Party. So this is really what we see in the future life environment, there is a kind of compassion in the future environment.It’s that compassion is truly showing, originating from5month13The emergence of the number, the emergence of later things, today is6month9number.

Share a few articles with you. I haven’t talked about auditing issues for several days. Auditing is actually the case, and the leftist forces have basically given up resistance. What we are seeing now is the audit site in Arizona. The votes are counted manually to check the number of votes. By this weekend, it will basically end on Friday.210Ten thousand sheets are basically counted.Because it’s finished by Monday night80%, But there is another group of people checking the quality of the ballot paper. Because in the past, some people have said, especially in Arizona, that some votes came from Asia. Someone also exposed the video on Twitter. Two Chinese were talking about buying and selling. The Chinese was talking on the phone and said, I can print the American ballot. Just give me the sample. I’m a computer-made scanned drawing. Tell you. It must be the same. So there was a saying at that time that the reason for the false ballots contained the ingredient of bamboo, that is, the pulp issue. The pulp issue was different from the original American ballots. So they have to find the gap in the paper through their own instruments and their own methods.

As Maricopa County,210Ten thousand votes should be unified. It cannot be inconsistent. If there is a certain number of differences,10Ten thousand,5Ten thousand,15Ten thousand, that is a problem, that’s for sure. So this thing, he said that it will be checked until the end of this month, and that check is relatively slow. Another big piece of news, yesterday afternoon, Georgia, Alabama, and a Colorado state, the three states’ congressmen visited the scene. The picture is small. Yesterday it was originally only Georgia’s senator. Go, and actually went to the Senate of three states, which may include Nevada and Michigan today. He mentioned about seven or eight to go, and he will visit the site today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Therefore, there has never been an election audit in Arizona in the history of the United States. For the senators in every state, they belong to the legislature, which is very novel to them, because no one has done it before, and there is no record in history.

Therefore, Arizona calls its audits American audits. Under the background that they have experienced strong attacks from the left, today the left has completely given up, and the Democratic Party has given up completely. This also shows that under the endorsement of the law and the endorsement of the court. Under the endorsement of the Arizona Senate itself, the audit was legal, completely legal, and normal. So in order to learn from experience, other states have come to Arizona in a way of imitating and following.We don’t want to speculate about the impact on the future, but it reflects in the universal concept of American society that people are2020The general election in 2016 was distrusted by the vast majority of people. So if the result of the audit is Biden’s fraud, will it change the outcome of the general election? No one said, but if the audit occurs, it is Biden fraud, the Democratic Party is fraud, then another state is auditing, and the Democratic Party is fraud. If this is the case in all three states, then I believe it is reasonable to believe. Will force today’s Senate to make a decision.

Even in the Senate, during the legislative process, there will be people who question the results of the Senate’s legislation today. Members of the Senate were also deceiving during the general election last year. Of course, he has the right to doubt and will force the American courts to come forward. That’s because the Senate is untrustworthy, right? The government is not credible, and the Senate is not credible, so you can only find the court. How will the court face this kind of scene? I thought that this thing would go on for a long time, and this lawsuit would go on for a long time, not one day or two days, but if it appeared in this way, the Democratic Party would definitely not retreat, because he was fraudulent, which would make the Democratic Party. Completely disappeared in American society. It wasn’t Trump who said he kicked Biden out, and I went back to the White House. This is a country, it’s not that simple, right? However, when it is really shown, people will see the fraud of the elite. Its background, its influence, and the test of the entire United States system far exceed the significance of Trump’s return to the White House.

That concept is quite trivial, so this is what we have seen, which is to update the story we have seen with you.

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