Semifinals, classifieds, matches and their dates

Three of the four tickets for the Semifinals that will be played next Thursday, July 29 in Houston, have already been defined.

The matches for the 2021 Gold Cup Semifinals are defined with the four teams that will seek the maximum title of teams in Concacaf. After the duels on Saturday and Sunday, Mexico, Qatar, the United States and Canada are already installed in the next instance.

The games will take place on Thursday, July 29 in Austin and Houston as the game venues at Q2 Stadium and NRG Stadium, respectively.

Mexico and Qatar were the first teams to get a place in the anteroom of the Final after advancing in their respective Quarterfinal series played in Glendale, Arizona. Qatar did so by beating El Salvador 3-2 in a match in which they had a three-goal lead. El Tri got his ticket after beating Honduras 3-0 and thus advance without major setback.

This Sunday, Canada beat Costa Rica and the United States did the same with Jamaica to form the series that will deliver us to the Finalists of the highest Concacaf tournament.


7:30 pm ET USA vs. QATAR (Q2 Stadium, Austin)
22:00 horas ET MÉXICO vs. CANADÁ (NRG Stadium, Houston)

In trouble, the United States defeated Jamaica and is in the Semifinals

The Americans’ lone goal came in the 80th minute when Jamaica seemed to have everything under control in the Concacaf tournament.

The United States team rushed to the 2021 Gold Cup Semifinals after beating their counterpart Jamaica in a match in which they took the winning goal down the stretch thanks to a shot from Mathew Hoppe.

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It was towards the end of the game that Jamaica goalkeeper Andre Blake hit a hard blow to the face, which brought in the assists, although both players decided to continue.

With the victory, the United States tied its pass to the semifinals of the Concacaf tournament where it will fight for the pass to the Grand Final and where it will face the surprising Qatar that comes from eliminating El Salvador.

Early scare! Turner saves Team USA from early morning

It was at minute 83 when Cristian Roldán overflowed on the right side and took a good cross from the right side that ended with Hoppe’s shot.

Jamaica had options from the beginning when Bobby Reid missed a pair of arrivals in front of the frame that drowned out the cry of goal against Gerg Berhalter’s team in a situation very similar to the one experienced by the Jamaicans on the pitch.

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