school club “Poisk” celebrated its anniversary

“Hundreds of students went through the“ Search ”club, which in its own way changed the life of each of them for the better. We were surprised that many simply did not know about the “Attack of the Century” by Alexander Marinesko, that for this feat he did not receive the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, – says Elena Zhdan. – One boy in the lesson asked me what else needs to be done for the Motherland, besides what Marinesco did to become a hero. It just shocked me. We got down to business to create a museum and gain recognition for Marinesco’s feat. “

She added that the students had the opportunity to communicate with real witnesses of the Great Patriotic War, submariners, colleagues of Marinesko, whose feat, thanks to the work of many people, in particular members of the Poisk club, was officially recognized, and Marinesko was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

“Today the work of the club and similar organizations is especially important. This is inspiration and love for the Motherland, which can be breathed into young people so that they not only remember the feat of the heroes of their country, but also equal them, contribute to the formation of a healthy civil society, ”said Elena Zhdan.

Memory across generations

Today the school museum continues its work. Lessons of historical memory are constantly held, schoolchildren take care of the graves of submariners.


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