residents of the Kuban told how they cope with professional burnout

It turned out that 63% of workers in the Kuban experienced emotional exhaustion at work. HR specialists (80%), advertising marketing and PR (80%) and consultants (77%) talked about this more often than others. Less common are workers (39%), young specialists (48%) and professionals employed in the transport and logistics sector (55%).

The study showed that 6% of respondents coped with burnout with the help of a psychologist, 46% changed jobs, and 19% changed their profession altogether. Also, every fifth respondent prefers to deal with stress through physical exercise, 39% go on vacation.

– Among the answers of the respondents, there were also the following: art therapy, creativity, volunteering, books, friends and travel, computer games, attending events, learning new skills, hard physical labor, – said Alena Manokhina, head of the press service of HeadHunter Yug.

It should be noted that experts who are not subject to professional burnout believe that regular vacations, sports, frequent job changes, and meditation allowed them to avoid stress. Also, an important role is played by such factors as stress resistance, competent distribution of personal and working time, the presence of a hobby, awareness and love for their work.

Earlier, analysts told which specialists in Krasnodar can earn up to 120 thousand rubles. The research center of the SuperJob portal presented the top 5 best vacancies in June in the Kuban capital. In the first month of summer, the best offers from Krasnodar employers turned out to be less highly paid than in other large cities of the country.

It also became known that most Russians consider an income of 50-80 thousand rubles to be sufficient for life… Least of all citizens (9%) would like to earn over 200 thousand rubles a month for a decent life.


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