Racially insulted, chased and stabbed … Dea-John Reid

Last week, 6 people aged 13 to 38 were arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of having committed the murder of Dea John Reid. The teenager was chased and then stabbed on the evening of May 31.

Earlier today, Dea-John and his friends were the victims of racist abuse, which allegedly even included the use of ” N-word “. The incident escalates when the men pursue the teenager and stab him, and he succumbs to his injuries.

One of the adults, 38, and a 14-year-old were taken into custody for questioning. Michael Shields, another 30, has meanwhile been indicted for the murder of Dea-John, as well as two minors aged 14 and 16, who appeared in court the day before yesterday Monday, June 7.

The inspector said that despite the rapid progress of the investigation, which he welcomed, the detectives are investigating ” all possible leads to find anyone involved in this tragic death », And calls on anyone with information to communicate it immediately.

Despite all this information, Tuesday 1, the day after the events, the local police had said in a statement that nothing indicated that the attack was motivated by racial hatred. An assertion that shocked many in the United Kingdom and more particularly in Birmingham, leading the police to say ” open minded “Faced with the possibility that this hate crime is indeed one, even if they are not” not convinced ».

Dea-John’s mother responded while calling on the community to remain calm, and exclaimed “ How many more mothers will have to mourn for a child to make this all stop at last? “, Crying a child” incredibly talented ».

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