Problems in bed – what not to do before sex

Intimate life is not a topic that people are used to talking about frankly. Moreover, to admit that some difficulties happen in bed. To keep the problems as small as possible, experts advise to refrain from certain habits before having sex.

There are some things to avoid before having sex. Photos from open sources

1. Don’t eat a lot

Excessive food intake can lead to lethargy and drowsiness, especially if you eat carbohydrate-rich foods. If you really feel hungry, try a light snack – nuts or fruits, which, on the contrary, will give you vitality.

2. Don’t drink energy drinks

No, special energy drinks will not help you stay active and cheerful. More precisely – at first they will help, but at the end of intimate games you will feel even more exhausted than you could. A significant dose of sugar, which is contained in energy drinks, leads to this.

3. Don’t quarrel with your partner.

The presence of any disputes can cause discomfort directly in bed. Even if you and your partner convince each other that everything is fine, the problem remains in the subconscious and can interfere with having fun.

4. Try not to be nervous

Stress has a detrimental effect on erection and arousal in general. If you can’t relax on your own, try doing it during foreplay. Ask your partner for a massage or meditate before having sex.

5. Don’t eat peppermint

Even if in this way you want to kill bad breath, do not. Peppermint should be avoided before sex because menthol can lower testosterone levels, which will accordingly affect libido. Better to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth.

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6. Don’t think about your body

Many psychological problems in bed are associated with the beliefs of the people themselves that they are not perfect. But the excitement will not help thinking about extra pounds or “not so” teeth and hair. Instead, focus on the parts of your body that you like and relax.

7. Don’t overstate hopes

This advice is especially true for those who have sex for the first time or have changed partners. Although with “constant”, certain nuances are also likely. Remember that in sex, it is important not only to wait for orgasm, but also to learn and experiment. High expectations lead to disappointment.

8. Don’t overdo it with complacency

There is an opinion that some time before sexual intercourse one should engage in self-gratification. Such tricks are often used by men to extend the time to ejaculate during sex. However, if you overdo it, you can lose an erection at the “most crucial” moment.

9. Don’t stick to a routine

Bringing something new should be done not only in everyday life, but also in sex. Lack of experimentation and creativity in intimacy can kill both passion and love. Ask your partner what he would like to try, suggest something new yourself. This will “renew” your sexual relationship.

10. Do not drink alcohol or smoke

It is scientifically proven that alcohol and tobacco products destroy libido. Smoking, for example, restricts blood flow, which will be interesting for men, because the possibility of an erection depends on this. Alcohol can help provoke the urge to have sex, although this usually disappears when it “comes down to it.”

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