PHOTOS: Old woman discovers that her neighbor spy on her; he harassed her and recorded her at home

Birmingham, Inglaterra.- An old woman captured the moment a stalker breaks into your house to collect devices listening to secrets that he had placed in his bed.

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William Nolan, 59, and his wife received the key to the neighbor’s house Leigh Jones and Erdington, Birmingham, so they could feed their two cats while she was gone.

Leigh of 64 years He was horrified when he found a voice recorder taped under his coffee table, and then another behind the head of his room. The widow Leigh set up covert cameras to catch Nolan when he came to pick up the recording equipment. He also carefully vacuumed his carpet in one direction to capture his footprints.

When Leigh, one’s grandmother, saw the footage, she caught Nolan at her house, retrieved the tape recorders, and called the police.

The former married security guard admitted to being harassed and was imprisoned for 15 weeks in Birmingham Magistrates Court on May 25. The judge described the case as one of the most serious stalking offenses he had ever seen.

Leigh said: “I felt totally violated. I was not afraid of Bill as a person because I never had reason to be afraid, my only concern was that there was something else planted … To this day, I still don’t know if there is or No. To me, for someone to put a recording device on your bedside, there is only one reason why they want to do that and that is a sexual reason, something that only a pervert would do. ”

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Source: The Sun


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