organizer of a family forum in Krasnoyarsk about the problems of modern parents

Do you need to have teaching skills to be a good parent? Or is it enough to just love your son / daughter?

“Love is the main ingredient, of course. Loving a child is important, necessary. But love alone won’t get you far. Unfortunately, people have different ideas about love. There is connivance, there is negligence. Or tight control, so much so that the child is not given freedom, “breathing”, his own opinion. We invite parents to the Forum who are looking for balance, want to learn how to make the right decisions. Be an example for children. Children learn best from their parents’ example.

Now there is such a trend – life-long learning. When a person is open to learning all his life. We can change our specialty, profession, sphere of our business 3-4-5 times during our life. We show the child in this way, they say, look – I can do this and that, I can learn, I can start a business anew. The situation of the Forum is exactly when I show by my example that I want to be the best parent for you and for myself. I’m learning this. We learn to drive a car, sew, for example? Nobody teaches parenting. It’s like it’s an innate skill. But this is not so, “- said the organizer Of the Forum Tatiana Andreeva.

Did our mothers and grandmothers raise us somehow wrong? Why do we need new knowledge?

“The speed of the world is growing progressively. It is impossible to learn once and for all – for future use. Life is changing rapidly. To be with your child in the same field, with world trends, you need to learn. Learn from the best. We are just inviting the world’s best speakers, experts, people who are ready to share their parenting experience. Answer live questions and share your secrets. This is for smart, conscientious parents who want to change the world for the better, primarily in their own families. With own children”

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Why does Umka need this Forum?

“February 2020 – when we held our Forum for the first time, it gave our team such a powerful impetus for development. I saw the burning eyes of teachers, the happy faces of parents and their children. They began to learn to respect and love each other. Not just in words. Seeing this in our centers, we realized that such an event should be made annual. We are creating a Forum in order to form a community of conscious parents who will be ready in a different way – environmentally friendly, correct and competently make decisions. We will show the full range of educational strategies not only in our country – in Krasnoyarsk, but also abroad. This year we will have teleconferences with America, Europe, Asia, Israel, New Zealand. They all teach children differently. When we see this diversity, we start thinking about which strategy to choose. After all, no one taught us to make decisions. Remember the era of scarcity? What they gave – and thank God. And now there is such a variety, so much information noise that it is difficult to choose the right kindergarten, school, and the right direction, ”she shared Tatiana Andreeva.

How prepared should parents be before attending the Forum?

“Whatever the level of the parent’s training, the age of the children – everyone will be able to get answers to their specific questions. Everything will be divided into tracks – directions of education. We will have tracks about health, sex education, and immunity. It will be possible to get advice from doctors, speech therapists, psychologists.

Children and money! When to give them pocket ones? Or teach them how to make money? Here Rosbank, as a partner, will tell you how financial literacy and investing begins. Yulia Chanchikova from Delovoy Kvartal will talk about social brokerage – how to build connections and communications? Why are 100 friends better than 100 books or 100 rubles? The challenges of education are speakers from Moscow who see the sphere beyond the horizon – ahead. They bring the best trends to Siberia. We will have a UN speaker from UNESCO, a professor at the Swiss University, who will talk about family traditions – how important it is to build relationships and values ​​at home. Male conversation. It seemed that dads in matters of education were somewhere far away. It turns out that this might not be the case. For example, in 2020 Sergey Eremin told us how four daughters are raised. This year we will re-engage famous dads to tell how they raise children.

It is important to come as a family. So that the whole family understands what they will now strive for. It is important to agree at the Forum – what is important, what is valuable, where are we going? By the way, we will have a separate teen track, where the children themselves will act as speakers. Teenagers will share their vision of problems in education, gadgets, digital security. This platform will host discussions, an opportunity to hear the arguments of children and voice their own, ”summed up Tatyana Andreeva, general director of the Umka family centers network.

The 108 Parents International Forum of Family Education Strategies will be held at Novotel April 17-18, 2021 Details and registration on the site 108parents.rf.


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