Olga Moreno betrays her friend Lara Sajen in front of all her classmates without flinching

Olga Moreno continues to win the title of most controversial contestant in Survivors 2021. To his continuous suspicions for being benefited by the organization, a new controversy with his partner Lara Sajen joins. Despite coming to light a sentence in which she criticizes her, Antonio David’s wife was not able to recognize her.

This week’s bounty game required adventurers to guess two phrases that their companions have said about them. For this, the organization gave them to choose several options, some true and others false. The prize, how could it be otherwise, was food, a more than interesting incentive.

Lara Sajen discovered the betrayal of Olga Moreno, although she did not know that it came from her great ally


When it was Lara Sajen’s turn, the artist learned of an attack that did not leave her in a very good place, what she did not expect was that it had come from the mouth of her friend Olga. “I’d rather have her as a friend than as an enemy,” is what she told Gianmarco when she thought they weren’t being recorded.

Luckily for viewers, that moment was captured by the cameras, even from a distance. When Lara discovered the written phrase, she made it clear that it struck “a chord.” “It hurts because they say he is my friend for having me close and controlling me … I think Carlos Alba said it,” he dared to bet.

But nothing could be further from the truth, since the traitor was sitting just a few meters from her and kept her smile at a most uncomfortable moment. Far from being discovered, Moreno encouraged him to discover the author of it, something that could not happen because Sajen had already lost his opportunity to do so after failing his bets before.

“Open it, I would love to … She prefers to have you as a friend … How strong!”, She said with an astonishing tranquility, even though it was she herself who had spoken it. Alaska’s friend and Mario were left without knowing that the one who is their greatest ally in Survivors it is also your worst enemy.

Lara could only verify that the phrase is true, but the organization did not reveal the author of it. Moreno did not do it either, since he received his friend as if it were not with her and preferred to keep the secret. It remains to be seen if in the next few days he will want to admit his betrayal and explain what happened to his partner.

It was not the only great moment that was lived in this particular reward game of Survivors. When the time came for Antonio David Flores’s wife, the organization took a chance by including one of the lapidary phrases from Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries, something that left the designer confused.

Olga Moreno recites the most viral phrase of Rocío Carrasco

Olga Moreno recites the most viral phrase of Rocío Carrasco


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