Here is a very rare find: Something unique that had most certainly been

produced at the time of the release of PARIS BEBE by JUMEAU in 1892 to show

customers and resellers the revolutionary way in which members were connected

of these babies only by springs while all the other babies had the body

connected by rubber bands.

On the photos below: Two PARIS BEBE JUMEAU a size 5 and the very rare prototype

of PARIS BEBE JUMEAU in size 8 and with a “skeleton” body! This very rare prototype is

available and unfortunately rough on the left side of its face.

Photos and prices on request. (Sold)

See you in “ANTIQUITES BROCANTE” of June 2016

You can find us there for the time of an article on

fashion dolls.

Pretty BABY JUMEAU “Pop Art” style!

Here is a discovery I just made: maybe some of you already know her, but for me it is the first time that I see such a Mily de Gégé doll. This is one of the latest models with folding legs and new in its never played box, but the face is totally different from the classic Mily we are used to seeing. The head has not been replaced it is marked Gégé. Certainly a very great rarity! Here are some photos followed by the model we all know (08/09/2014):

Testimony of sympathy from one of our youngest “Fan”!


Marie-Françoise’s 60s underwear was

marked “Marie-Françoise”! Example above on the Marie-Françoise

60s blonde almond eyes currently for sale on the site

with his keychain.

Do you know that the inside of the arms of the first

Marie-Françoise from the 60s is marked “MF 39”?

Here is a very rare model of 1st Marie-Françoise called

“Francette” thereafter, presented in its very rare original box

(doll private collection)


1-First BLEUETTE JUMEAU from 1905 2-BLEUETTE with closed-mouth composition head and marked UNISFRANCE (mold 301) 1 3-BLEUETTE SFBJ 60 8/0 4-BLEUETTE UNIS FRANCE 301 1 ¼. (Only Bleuette à tête in composition is available for sale).

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1- Belle Bleuette UNIS FRANCE 301 1 ¼ of 29 cm (2 in the back 1 under the feet) having kept her original Gautier Languereau printed dress, her shoes and sock, as well as her pink underwear: bottom of the dress panties in a suitcase (bearing the label “valisere”) .

2 – Magnificent Bleuette SFBJ 60 8/0 of 27 cm (2 in the back 1 under the feet) wearing his original Gautier Languereau underwear in cotton and lace from 1926, his original white leather shoes and his socks.

3 – Superb Bleuette (1905) Fleishman marked 6/0 of 27 cm (2 on the back and small unmarked feet) in his original Gautier Languereau clothes: “CRANEMENT” complete outfit from 1932 in silk and cashmere.

4 – First Bleuette JUMEAU 1905 from 27 cm marked 2 (2 on the back 1 under the feet) she is wearing her 1916 “PRIMEVERE” dress in muslin with satin stitch with her hat (undoubtedly another version of the hat matching the dress) with small blue silk bows, she also wears her original GL leather ankle boots in new condition marked 2 and “B” with her two pompoms . She is in front of her original Gautier Languereau trunk filled with an impressive trousseau from Gautier Languereau (in the foreground, baptismal outfit with her pelisse and hat dating from 1929.).

1- 1time Bleuette JUMEAU wearing the “ESPIEGLE” dress in blue version with a white leather belt from 1928 (the boater is missing). 2- wearing the beautiful “BONJOUR” coat (missing the matching felt) but accessorized with “LES FRIMAS” wool terry set: matching sleeve and collar from 1928. – 3- “SPORTIVE” sweater dress outfit from 1927: cotton dress with white pleated skirt and patterned wool sweater. 4- Wearing an old version of GL’s costume from “BECASSINE” with its original GL wooden clogs.

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To find your favorite dolls : Jumeau doll, Raynal doll, Bella doll, antique porcelain doll or Barbie model doll from the 60s, choose the corresponding category, or you also have the possibility to use the search box (at the top right or in the column of left), and search for your doll with a keyword (be careful, only one word per search) eg: BELLA (and you will have everything concerning Bella on the site).

ATTENTION !!! By clicking on each 1time doll photo you have access to one or even up to four other photos, as well as a detailed description of the object.

For our customers from the provinces or the region who cannot come to the store in Paris, we of course carry out the mail order sale – as well as for our foreign customers (Plan to add the shipping costs according to the current prices postage at no extra charge for packaging).


BELLA created in 1967 for the magazine MARIE-FRANCE a very special and very particular doll (she wore a uniform: the one worn by the hostesses of Marie-France, that is to say a lime green suit with white tie and matching shoes. Some have compared it to the MANY doll and even say that it is the one and the same doll! It is not! MANY was also made by BELLA and sold in Department stores such as Bon Marché but it is very different.

DO NOT CONFUSE THEM! MANY is not MARIE-FRANCE and vice versa: they are two different dolls. They have the same body, both measure 45 cm, but the faces are different, MARIE-FRANCE is more smiling and her head is smaller.

You can form an accurate opinion by looking at the two dolls photographed together, the differences are obvious! MARIE-FRANCE on the left wears her official uniform.


None of these dolls are available for purchase at this time.

They represent a very interesting documentation for informed collectors and also for beginners. All these BON MARCHE BABY dolls are in their original condition, and we can therefore recognize their boxes and especially their shirts, very characteristic with their embroidery.

These are all JUMEAU mold dolls, made by JUMEAU for the first doll currently on sale, or early SFBJ for the latest model.

SUPERB BON MARCHE BABY JUMEAU doll in its original condition in its original box and original Jumeau presentation clothes and shoes with superb matching silk and velvet hat. BON MARCHE BABY presentation shirt embroidered in sea green color.

Nice model of BON MARCHE BABY JUMEAU shirt version embroidered in red

Another version of the BON MARCHE BABY JUMEAU in size 11 and in a sea green embroidered shirt. In its original condition and in its BON MARCHE BABY box.

ADVERTISEMENT for the BON MARCHE BABY (Period engraving). Around 1890.

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