Nottingham Forest U23 – Birmingham City U23 forecast 02 April 2021 21:00

The game in the ongoing championship “England. PDL-2 (under 23)”, the team of Birmingham (23), will make an exit on the field of the opposing team. The stadium for the meeting will be City Ground (Nottingham).

The teams played among themselves 27 days ago and then the duel was successful for today’s guests. It should be borne in mind that the victory was achieved in a home match.
Birmingham (23) showed minimal superiority over the opponent, thanks to which he was able to win.
The teams managed to play each other 2 times in the recent past. They exchanged victories, from which we can conclude that any of the teams will win by strength

Nottingham F (23): Nottingham F (23) is second in the standings out of 9. The team is in controversial form.
The team has recently managed to show a more organized defense on the road. Let’s look at the game indicators of the last meetings:
The last time was 10 days ago, the team had a home match with the club Millwall (23). In this meeting, a draw was recorded, which could hardly satisfy this team
Prior to that, 17 days ago, the team had a home match with the Kru Alexandra club (23). Unfortunately, this game brought the team an offensive defeat. The club conceded twice and did not realize itself in the attack

Birmingham (23): Birmingham (23) is third in the standings out of 9. The team is in best shape.
Let’s take a look at how the team played in recent matches:
Last time the team of Birmingham City (23) in an away match played against the club Sheffield United (23). This meeting was held with the overwhelming dominance of the home team. What neither the fans nor the players of the Birmingham City U23 expected
Previously, the team played at home against the club from Nottingham – Nottingham Forest (23) 27 days ago. The minimum difference in the account was recorded

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Bookmakers give a slight preference to Nottingham F (23), odds to win are 2.17 – 1X bet

Predictions Kush in sports Nottingham F U23 – Birmingham U23

A terrible segment of the Nottingham F (23) team of 5 matches, in which 2 meetings were lost. Bet on the continuation of this streak for 2.85 – Betting League

In the last 5 matches, the Birmingham (23) team has scored more than 2 goals on average. Bet ITB2 (2.00) 3.10 – Betting League

In 5 games, Nottingham F (23) showed the total of goals scored and conceded equal to 8. The results of recent matches show that Nottingham F (23) does not always play well in defense, and at the same time manage to create something in attack. You can try TB 2 1.20 – Betting League


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