North American airlines have 77.9% less traffic in April |

The airlines of North America registered a traffic slowdown of 77.9% compared to April 2019, reported the THERE IT IS.

At the same time, capacity contracted 59.3% and load factor fell 37.8 percentage points, to 45.0 percent.

Among the largest airlines in North America the region are: American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Jet Bue y West Jet.

America Airlines

For their part, the airlines of Latin America experienced a drop of 81.1% in April 2021 compared to April 2019.

Similarly, in this region, April capacity fell 75.8% and load factor fell 18.0 percentage points, to 64.6%, the best global figure for the seventh consecutive month.

Other regions

Airline traffic from Pacific Asia decreased 94.4% compared to April 2019.

With this, the region once again led the fall in traffic for the ninth consecutive month.

While capacity contracted 86.3%, load factor sank 47.7 percentage points, to 33.5%, the lowest global figure.

In turn, European airlines recorded a slowdown of 87.7% compared to April 2019, barely unchanged compared to the 88.2% drop recorded in March 2021 (compared to March 2019).

Capacity fell 78.2% and load factor fell 37.3 percentage points, to 48.4 percent.

Finally, the airlines of middle East saw an 82.9% contraction in April 2021 versus April 2019, a worsening from the 81.6% drop in March 2021 (versus March 2019).

In addition, capacity contracted 65.3% and load factor fell 41.1 percentage points, to 39.6 percent.

Global figure

Total demand for April 2021 (measured in passenger-kilometers carried, RPK for its acronym in English) decreased 65.4% compared to April 2019, although it improved compared to the fall of 66.9% registered in March 2021 (compared to March 2019) thanks to better performance in most domestic markets.

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Meanwhile, global domestic demand contracted 25.7% compared to pre-crisis levels (April 2019), an important improvement compared to March 2021, when the performance contracted 31.6% compared to March 2019 data.

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