No E3 titles from Oculus Studios, but “Upload VR Showcase” on Saturday

The big VR players Sony and Oculus have already fired all kinds of revelations in the past few months. So it is not surprising that Facebook has been recently in the official Oculus Quest subreddit announced that the Oculus Studios team will not make any announcements as part of the digital E3.

It looks different with the “Upload VR Showcase“in which the magazine of the same name apparently contains all sorts of well-known and new titles from various VR studios on Youtube would like to introduce: The program starting at 11:59 pm includes “new trailers, some game revelations and fresh views of your most anticipated titles. Quasi a Nintendo Direct … for VR!” Below are some of the titles and developers who will be featured in the stream.

To classify: Vertigo Games are the developers of the partly cooperative zombie shooters After the Fall and Arizona Sunshine, Resolution Games has earned a good reputation in the field of uncomplicated, but well thought-out titles with titles such as Blaston and, recently, Demeo. nDreams developed the unusual kayak stealth game Phantom: Covert Ops and is currently working on the action-packed comic shooter Fracked for PSVR. So here are some of the advertised topics:

“- A Township Tale
After The Fall
– More from Vertigo Games
– Resolution Games
– nDreams
– More from Pistol Whip”


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