NFL | Arizona Cardinals player dreams of playing in the Major Leagues

Kyler Murray has a sleep on hold. The quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals from National Football League, assured that he still dreams of being able to play in the Major Leagues, a goal he had before starting his career in the NFL and what could have been specified with the Oakland Athletics.

Murray, 23, who debuted in the NFL Two seasons ago after being chosen in the first place of the first round by the Arizona franchise, he assured in an interview with the journalist, Darren Urban, that he is still in a position to play baseball professionally.

“I leave the door open to that possibility. I can still play baseball. I know everyone at the Cardinals thinks baseball is behind us, but I have played it my whole life and if I have the opportunity in the future I will surely do so.”, said Murray, who in two seasons with the Arizona Cardinals he has completed 46 touchdown passes.

A new Tim Tebow?

The illusion of Kyler Murray is not something new in the NFL that a few years ago he saw how a league figure left to try to reach the Big leagues. This is the case of Tim Tebow, who after about four years in the minor leagues with the New York Mets he gave up his goal.

For this season, Tim Tebow is back in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team with which he is looking to earn a spot as a wide-wing, a completely different position than the quarterback he played before embarking on a short career in professional baseball.

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