New York: over a million vaccine passports downloaded in one week

About 1.1 million “Excelsior Pass” vaccine passports were downloaded to phones and computers last week in New York, the first state in the United States to introduce such a document attesting to the full vaccination of its holder against Covid- 19.

In total, some 9.1 million New Yorkers have been fully immunized so far, according to local press.

The “Excelsior Pass”, which was introduced last March as the first and only vaccination passport issued by a local government in the country, remains accessible, for now, only to people vaccinated in New York.

Local officials hope this digital passport can help New Yorkers feel confident about the security of businesses and jumpstart a statewide economy that is still plagued by losses suffered during the pandemic, adds -your.

Nationally, a number of states, including Georgia, Alabama, Arizona and Florida, have already banned the use of vaccine passports, arguing the bans as measures to protect individual privacy and the choice of vaccination. In New York City, some local officials are supporting new legislation that would provide additional privacy protections.

But although major sports stadiums and a growing number of small New York businesses are adopting the “Excelsior Pass,” the vast majority of businesses and businesses in the state do not require proof of vaccination from the public.


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