Netflix: The Most Criticized Original of All Time Was One of the Best

Netflix productions have gained real importance in recent times, although initially being one of the few platforms of the moment, the focus on original productions had to row for the criticism to be positive.

November 19, 2021 22:12 hs

Today the original entertainment of Netflix is on a roll. Consequently, the last few years have seen an absolute rush of production across all genres. Although initially there were highly criticized productions that had to demonstrate their performance as the chapters passed.

Anne With An E: Criticized in its early days, the Netflix series became one of the best series

Anne With An E It is adaptation of the beloved series Anne of Green Gables LM Montgomery’s has turned out to be divisive. Fans and critics alike condemn him for the darkness he brings to the beloved children’s story; Rather than leave Anne’s traumatic childhood behind, she examines how her experiences might have shaped her into flashbacks and panic attacks.

Additionally, characters like Gilbert Blythe, Anne’s love interest, and Matthew and Marilla, the brother and sister who become Anne’s parents, are given wholly original subplots of their own. Critics initially argued that these additional plots are unnecessary for a series like Anne With An E, and that the show should have focused much more on the Anne Shirley story.

But Anne With An E He didn’t try to turn Montgomery’s heroine into something she’s not, he just helped bring her to the present day. The vast majority of the series is faithful to the starry-eyed vision of the writer: Anne is lost in the pleasures of friendship, cordiality, and her eternal naive love for the other characters in the series. Netflix.

Anne With An E: The Netflix Original That Revolutionized Negative Reviews

This adaptation was simply interested in highlighting those qualities, examining the difficulties that make happy moments possible. Anne remains a wide-eyed optimist, Marilla and Matthew still watch over her with dismay and affection, and Gilbert still learns to love frustrating redheads with a taste for mischief. Anne With An E just wants to understand how they get there and, in the process, more deeply appreciate the warmth of the story.

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Despite the best efforts of fans, the series was canceled and there is no optimism for it to happen anytime soon. There were petitions, hashtag campaigns and even big stars gathered to fight on social media, but to no avail. In 2019, the Netflix original series was officially canceled after season 3, and strangely, some of the circumstances behind the cancellation remain unanswered.


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