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The history of these Phoenix Suns it seems scripted. The rapid but progressive development that the men of Monty Williams Throughout this season it is worthy of a movie, with a tepid start, a phase of ascent and followed by a stretch of conquest that has taken them to the Conference Finals. Phear the moment.

The Arizonans boast one of the strongest narratives of the entire competition: a young group, no previous experience on the big stage and that overnight has become a strong candidate for the title. All this thanks to the landing of a differential figure wherever he passes and for whom the years do not weigh as is Chris Paul, who has helped to build an identity and a culture that are proving key in the development of events.

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With a 125-118 victory over the Denver Nuggets, Monty Williams’ men made sure of the pass at Conference Finals 4-0, thus sweeping the finalists of the past year without giving them hardly any alternative. In this way, Phoenix is ​​only 4 more victories away from qualifying for the ring in a hypothetical series for the title, something unique and unrepeatable.

It is 2021 it marked the end of one of the longest negative streaks in the entire NBA, and that is 2010 was the last time the Suns stepped into the Playoffs. In between, the franchise experienced a lasting journey through the desert, through which it saw its project born and fell year after year, without finding a fixed course and accumulating young assets without order or concert.

A negative spiral that seemed determined to repeat itself until the moment it arrived Monty Williams, who established the foundations of the team that they aspired to be with a showy, fast and clear style of play. The results were not good, as the postseason objective was not met, but the last sprint with which the course was closed made it clear that Arizona’s were going to fight. As this has ended up happening.

The last playoff experience for the Suns ended later than they would have initially thought. The team trained at that time by Alvin Gentry had the perfect mix of seniority and youth to try to fight in an always fierce West, with players like Steve Nash, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jason Richardson o Robin Lopez. The great work done throughout the course ended up bearing fruit at the end of the campaign when they won in First Round to Portland Trail Blazers (4-2) and later they swept the always favorites San Antonio Spurs (4-0), being eliminated in Conference Finals by the champions, Los Angeles Lakers (4-2).

It is curious to see how history has repeated itself 11 years later for the Phoenix Suns since their victories in the first two qualifiers have followed the same script. However, this time the Arizonans have plenty of arguments to break with the past and write a new chapter in what is being a memorable season. And not only that, but they have managed to be the First team in history to reach the Conference Finals after an extended period of absence from the Playoffs:

That 2009-2010 team combined the remains of the it was D’Antoni with Nash and Stoudemire as spearheads and a roster of promising young men who were called to take the baton from the veterans as they were Dragic, Frye, Dudley o Lopez. Without going any further, the selection of Gentry as manager was the response of management to the disappointment experienced with Terry Porter, who was fired after starting 28-23 a year earlier. Gentry He had been an assistant to D’Antoni and shared a good part of the script of the current assistant to the Nets, so his incorporation fitted perfectly with the roster and led them to the Conference Finals.

The Williams Suns are far from being a swan song, rather the opposite, being the beginning of a brilliant era for the organization and that has served to reinforce the talent that figures such as Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges o Cameron Johnson. In the absence of knowing who will be his rival in the next tie, Phoenix has the arguments and reasons to firmly believe that they can qualify to enter the NBA Finals and preserve their status as legitimate contenders for the ring.

The franchise has visited the West Finals 9 times, being only capable of winning two years (1976 and 1993) and in 2021 they will try to break the curse that has accompanied them for almost three decades.

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