NBA Playoffs 2021: Chris Paul and the reliability of a Hall of Fame point guard for the Phoenix Suns in the closings against the Denver Nuggets | Mexico

What a difference it makes to Phoenix Suns dispose of Chris Paul healthy. His shoulder injury in the First Round against the Los Angeles Lakers directly touched the team’s options in Playoffs, but its evolution in the recovery is evident. The average number of minutes on the court increases dramatically and the level offered drives the closings against Denver Nuggets, who with the 3-0 against aim to say goodbye to the season early.

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After playing 37 minutes in Game 1 against the Lakers, half an injured game, Paul lowered his time on the court in the following: 23 in J2, 28 in J3, 32 in J4, 23 in J5 and 29 in J6. Depending on the day he looked better, although the rest days allowed him to offer a remarkable version in the fourth duel. However, the differences are noticeable now, when we see him shine against Denver, especially to sentence the finals.

CP3 averages 34.4 minutes in the series against the Nuggets And even though he’s still not looking for the rim as much as he used to, his precision is at the sweet spot. The throws are more distributed in the cross against those of Nikola Jokic, being Devin Booker has the most per night (16.3), then Paul (13.3) and Mikal Bridges (10.7) and Deandre Ayton (10.3) They close the group of double digits of shots to the rim.

The accuracy of these four players is above 50%, Ayton being the one with the best record (61.3%) as they are more effective pitches. The second? Of course, Paul. The point guard makes 57.5% of his shots, but the exaggeration is the sample from the triple: 6 of 8 (75%). In order, you’ve finished with 2 of 3, 2 of 2, and 2 of 3. That is, steady, low-volume, and very fine. Meanwhile, most of the triples fall on Jae Crowder (6.3 with 52.6%), Bridges (6.3 with 36.8%) and Booker himself (6 with 33.3%). And to a large extent they get very good shots because of the CP3 hierarchy.

In all three games against Denver, Chris Paul signs 11.3 assists in 34.4 minutes and just 1 loss per night. What’s more, no player in the NBA Semifinals – from both conferences – improves the base average. They are followed by Trae Young (9.7) and Ben Simmons (8).

Paul ended with 27 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 losses and 9 of 16 shooting (56%) in 37 minutes to overtake Denver. Ayton’s contribution was fundamental; Booker had two scoring bursts in the first and third quarters; and Crowder and Bridges exceeded double-digit scoring; but it was the closing of CP3 that ensured the 3-0: got 8 points (3 of 4), 3 assists and 2 steals in 7 minutes.

A good part of the shots I’m getting and the good shots for the team come after Ayton’s blocks“, said the veteran at a press conference, recognizing the work of the young insider, whose contribution in these Playoffs marks a clear growth.

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Paul’s appearances in the last quarters of the series are key. As journalist Anthony Slater marks, Paul accumulates 30 points with 12 of 13 in shooting (4 of 4 in triples), 8 assists and 0 losses with a +20 for his. Sensational performance.

Phoenix is ​​being superior to Denver. The loss of Jamal Murray does a lot of damage to the team, that not even with a historic night of Jokic can they surpass those of Arizona. He has never come back from a 3-0 against and the feelings are closer to the sweep of the Suns than to the surprise of Colorado.

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