Nate Díaz arrives at UFC 263 smoking marijuana

Nate Diaz is back and has one less thing to worry about after fighting at UFC 263 on Saturday night.

On Friday, UFC Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky confirmed that the Arizona State Commission on Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts would adapt the rules for marijuana used in the UFC’s anti-doping program.

The UFC along with the United States Anti-Doping Agency recently announced changes to the anti-doping policy that fighters would no longer be punished for the use of marijuana in or out of competition, unless under specific circumstances of impairment during a fight.

“Excellent work with the AZ Commission who are adopting our test / rules schedule for this weekend,” Novitzky tweeted before UFC 263 in Arizona. “The only problem with marijuana (THC) for Saturday fights is that they don’t show up drunk or under the influence. As it should be! “

Diaz, a well-known and well-documented marijuana user, took full advantage. He was seen lighting a joint on stage during the press conference.

“That’s Kill_4209,” Diaz replied when asked what he was smoking. “That’s the chronicle, right there baby. You know what happens “.

Diaz’s representatives told him that Kill_4209 is his own strain of marijuana, which is a commercial business of the former UFC title contender. He also owns his CBD company, Game Up Nutrition, and his own clothing line called Rep Hard.

Notably, marijuana is also legal for recreational use by anyone over the age of 21 in the state of Arizona.

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As for his next fight against Leon Edwards on Saturday night, Diaz explained why this particular showdown interested him after he decided to return to action after his previous appearance in 2019.

“I think, like GSP (Georges St-Pierre) I was doing my thing, but I saw that he is doing the same and he doesn’t feel love for it,” Diaz said. “So I’m excited to fight a worthy opponent and that’s what I’m here for. I come to win.

Edwards has been undefeated in his last nine fights, steadily rising through the welterweight ranks, but hasn’t appeared in many high-profile matchups during that time.

Now, the Brit will have a chance to face Diaz, who will try to stop Edwards’ momentum and make a big impact on the 170-pound division.

Before the event, UFC president Dana White stated that the winner of the Edwards-Diaz fight could end up in line for a future title fight.

Diaz could also have some unfinished business to resolve with Jorge Masvidal after they battled for the first and only “BMF” championship nearly two years ago. That night, Diaz was not allowed to continue beyond the third round due to cuts to his face, and Masvidal has always maintained that he would be willing to return for a rematch.

Whether the “BMF” title is on the line or not, Diaz promises to deliver the same kind of impact as he always does when facing Edwards, or against anyone else in the UFC.

“Every fight is going to be the most horrible fight you’ve ever seen,” Diaz said of his future.

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