Mystery after the discovery of a woman’s body in an Alabama forest

Authorities are trying to understand how and why a woman’s body may have ended up in a wood last week.

What happened to Jenita Rose Maldonado? Was the 29-year-old killed, was she in an accident, committed suicide, or was she pushed into a trap? The American woman’s body was found last week in a forest in Dale County, Alabama. The macabre discovery was made on June 3 at around 1:30 pm When help was called, the body was already in an advanced state of decomposition. Sheriff’s teams, Dothan Police Department’s Crime Scene Technicians and the FBI have all been called to the scene, the site reports AZ Central.

The public called for help

Deputy Chief Mason Bynum said Jenita Rose Maldonado was identified through her dental impressions. For the moment the police are not following the trail of a criminal act but they are still looking for a lot of information in order to know his story in the three weeks preceding the discovery of the body.

The authorities have thus asked for the public’s help in order to gather any information allowing a solution to this still mysterious affair. Little information about him has been released. Police said, however, that she appeared to live in the area.

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