MONTGOMERY CLIFT | Divas & Divos del Cine Mexicano in Divas & Divos del Cine Mexicano in mp3 (10/05 at 21:36:58) 01:40:18 69803874

In the company of our guest JAMES ANDA (nephew of the film diva
national LILIA PRADO); my friend and co-host EDU CANSECO, a server
PETERBOY, and in the Hollywood Special Edition. We will talk about one of the
Divos from the Golden Age of American Cinema, a legend, a life
complicated, a tragic accident that locks him up and becomes addicted
to alcohol and drugs. His face is completely transformed, after being
one of the greatest gallants, his dark side and his sexual preferences.

All this is: MONTGOMERY CLIFT !!! …….. It will be a fabulous program,
unmissable, spectacular, nostalgic and sad for its fatal outcome at the end
of his short young life. Dying at age 45 only, for
health complications due to your addiction to alcohol and drugs.


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