Mont Redoubt, Alaska

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Mount Redoubt or Redoubt volcano, in English Mount Redoubt, is an active stratovolcano and the highest peak in the Aleutian range, in the Alaska Peninsula in Alaska. It is located in the Chigmit Mountains (a sub-chain of the Aleutians), west of the Cook’s Gulf, about 180 kilometers southwest of Anchorage. Geography Mount Redoubt is not a particularly steep peak but rather a massive mountain. It rises above the surrounding valleys to the north, south and southeast within a five-mile radius. History Mount Redoubt erupted in 1966, then again in 1989. The 1989 eruption ejected volcanic ash up to altitude and a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 747 was caught in its ash plume, choking its four engines; The plane still managed to land in Anchorage thanks to the skill of the pilot, who just restarted the engines. The ash covered an area of ​​about. The, the volcano experienced a very strong eruption that continued the following day, forcing the Anchorage authorities to cancel all flights from the airport and put many cities on high alert. , including Talkeetna and Willow, within a perimeter of a hundred kilometers due to possible ash fallout.


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