Minute by Minute: Mexico vs Canada (Pre-Olympic)

minute by minute

  • Mexico

  • Canada



  • The game ends

  • 90′

    Three more minutes are added

  • 86′

    The game gets dirty with inaccuracies from both teams

  • 83′

    Change of Mexico: Rodríguez leaves and Cervantes enters

  • 80′

    Yellow card on Zorhan Bassong for a sweep on Antuna

  • 77′

    Two changes from Mexico: Salen Vega and Aguirre; Angulo and Mayorga enter

  • 75′

    With the two annotations, Mexico imposes its conditions on the field


  • 72′

    With greater calm on the scoreboard, Mexico dominates the rhythm of the game

  • 69′

    Catch Pantemis !! Macías cross shot containing the Canadian goalkeeper

  • 67′

    Sorry Mexicooo !! Carlos Rodríguez’s shot that goes to the side of the Canadian goal

  • 65′

    Gooooooooooooooal from Mexico !!! Cordova’s precise center that Johan Vásquez finishes off with a header, the ball hits the post and the rebound gives Montgomery who sends the ball to the back of his goal

  • 61′

    Change of Mexico: Alvarado leaves and Macías enters

  • 60′

    Two changes from Canada: Dias and Brym leave; Bair and Tabla enter

  • 58′

    Gooooooooooooooal from Mexico !!! Pantemis error at the start, he gives the ball to Rodríguez, the midfielder assists Uriel Antuna who defines between the goalkeeper’s legs

  • 55′

    Yellow card for Norman for a sweep over Antuna when the Mexican was already heading to the goal

  • 53′

    Now Córdova tries medium distance, but the ball goes very wide

  • 50′

    Brym’s mid-range shot that goes wide off Jurado’s arc

  • 48′

    Córdova enters the Canadian area but fails to generate anything

  • Start the complementary part !!

  • El Tri failed to beat goalkeeper Pantemis in the first 45 minutes


  • The first half is over

  • 45+3′

    Warnings for Buchanan from Canada and Loroña from Mexico for exchanging pushes

  • 45+1′

    Yellow card for Guillard for a pull on Córdova

  • 45′

    Three more minutes are added

  • 44′

    Alexis Vega tries with a direct collection of a free kick, but the ball comes easily into the hands of Pantemis

  • 43′

    Sebastián Córdova continues to be Mexico’s most dangerous element on the pitch

  • 40′

    Alvarado’s center and Angulo’s header that goes very far from Pantemis’s goal

  • 37′

    Strong clash of heads between Esquivel and Baldisimo, the Canadian takes the worst part

  • 35′

    Antuna’s center that wanders through the Canadian area without finding a finisher

  • 33′

    Sebastián Córdova falls into the Canadian area after a struggle with Norman, but the referee does not signal anything

  • 29′

    Carlos Rodríguez finishes off with a Chilean on the side of the area, but the ball goes right into the hands of Pantemis

  • 25′

    Mexico and Canada fail to get hurt at the Jalisco Stadium


  • 23′

    ¡¡Save Pantemis !! Antuna was looking to enable Vega inside the area, but the goalkeeper comes out, throws himself and rejects the ball

  • 21′

    The party begins to lock in the center of the field

  • 19′

    Ceercaa Mexico !! Center from the corner that ends Esquivel just to one side of the arch

  • 18′

    Córdova gets into the area and shoots very tight, but the ball is rejected by goalkeeper Pantemis from a corner kick

  • 16′

    Both teams seek to organize their attack, but lack precision in the last zone

  • 13′

    Loroña center that rejects the Canadian defense with its head

  • 11′

    Strong stomp on Uriel Antuna, but the referee shows no card

  • 9′

    Ceercaa Mexico !! Alvarado’s cross shot that manages to deflect the goalkeeper Pantemis

  • 6′

    Sebastián Córdova got into the area and was looking to define, but a Canadian sweep cleanly steals the ball

  • 4′

    Buchanan’s escape that ends up on the ground after a struggle with Angulo, but the referee does not mark anything

  • 2′

    Vladimir Loroña’s center that passes by in the Canadian area without finding a finisher

  • The game starts !!

  • Now the national anthem of Mexico is playing at the Jalisco Stadium

  • The national anthem of Canada is sung first

  • The teams take to the pitch for the ceremony of the national anthems

  • Canada lineup: Pantemis, Guillard, Bassong, Baldisimo, Buchanan, Norman, Brym, Godinho, Montgomery, Metcalfe y Dias.

  • Mexico lineup: Jurado, Loroña, Vásquez, Rodríguez, Vega, Alvarado, Aguirre, Antuna, Esquivel, Córdova and Angulo

  • The Mexica Sub 23 team played their ticket to the Tokyo Olympic Games against their counterpart from Canada at the Jalisco Stadium


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