Mikhail Poplavsky and Alina Grosu showed how love will save the world

A romantic and at the same time provocative video for the new song “And you and I are lovers” was presented by the shocking popular favorite Mikhail Poplavsky.

The premiere of the video took place at the Kiev University of Culture.

“And you and I are lovers” – about an unusual world of the future, in which only lovers will survive.

“This is a provocative clip,” says the rector of the University of Culture. – About life. And I wanted everyone to see themselves in the created allegories. About love that fills our souls with good. This is a great power that is not given to everyone. Love and be loved, because we all deserve it! Love will save the world!” – said Mikhail Poplavsky.

According to the plot, the lyrical hero – of course, performed by Mikhail Poplavsky – enjoys the love of two charming beauties: the blonde Alina Grosu and the brunette Anastasia Zakhandrevich. The action takes place in a fictional futuristic world with robotic elements connected to flowers, which are an allegory of love. Flowers make their way between multi-technologies and bloom in vibrant hues to fill souls with love.

“I was very pleased to try myself in such a role,” Alina shared to Grosu. – I very rarely act in strangers, and not in my videos. Therefore, I sincerely thank Mikhail Poplavsky for deciding to share such a historic event with me. After all, each clip, and Mikhail Mikhailovich has a lot of them, is historical. It is very cool when a person, after so many years in a career, continues to experiment and improve in creativity.

Model and famous TikTok blogger Anastasia Zakhandrevich is also very happy with her role.

– I want to thank Mikhail Mikhailovich for the privilege of being featured in this wonderful video and showing myself, – says the girl. – It seems to me that I starred in a Hollywood movie.

Friends from TikTok House came to support and congratulate Nastya on her new role. By the way, this is another proof that the work of Mikhail Poplavsky is equally interesting for both young people and people of the older generation.

Director Elena Vinyarskaya told in more detail about the process of creation and the idea of ​​the video.

– Mikhail Mikhailovich said: on the 5th you are shooting “Ukrainian dumplings”, and on the 6th – “You and I are lovers.” What is this, a proposal, I was surprised, and I saw playful excitement in the eyes of Mikhail Mikhailovich. And so the idea of ​​this video was born – the heroes express all feelings only with the help of looks.

It is not surprising that the video begins with the words of the romantic Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko – “You told me I love with your eyes.”

Despite the fact that the video was filmed in a very chaste manner, with the absence of love scenes where the heroes do not even touch each other, the audience can feel the sparks of passion that exude the heroines’ glances.

Clip color is orange. And this is quite an interesting choice, because we are used to traditionally depicting love in either red or pink tones. But orange is a color that gives energy and fills life with light and beauty.

Among the main characters in the video is an orange flower. In it, the director saw an allegory of love.

  • Blooming a flower is identified with periods of love. Germination, flowering and wilting are inevitable. But the flower withers only to give new seeds, new bloom, new life! – Elena explains.

Elena Vinyarskaya has already worked with Mikhail Poplavsky and was noted for her great attention to detail: from makeup to accessories. And, in fact, for the sake of this, it is worth pausing the video and considering, for example, the clothes of the lyrical hero, which changes from black to white and vice versa, as a symbol of the fact that he will be equally devoted to both the brunette and the blonde.

And also, to combine the image of the hero of the video with the orange flower of love, the director ordered the precious brooch “Two Flowers” ​​from the jewelry company “Art Vivace Jewelry”. The jewelry is made of gold and silver, inlaid with precious stones mined in Ukraine – topaz and rock crystal. Silver and gold flowers are tightly intertwined, symbolizing eternal love.

It has already become customary that each clip of Mikhail Poplavsky is shot using modern technologies. Therefore, this time too, futuristic landscapes were created using VR technologies, 3D graphics, LED cube, tracking systems and Unreal Engine 4.

The filming process lasted 8 hours, and the preparation took almost two months. During this time, every detail was prescribed, the “correct” colors and design were selected. A team of choreographers, hairdressers, make-up artists, and props from the University of Culture worked on the video. Together, a unique love story in virtual reality was created.

Already now, Poplavsky’s team has begun to embody his new gastronomic idea – the clip “Ukrainian borscht”.

“There comes a time when you should think about what you will leave behind. For 25 years, there have been many Ukrainian national projects that we have organized and financed. And I decided that we need soft cultural diplomacy in order to promote the Ukrainian product in the world. For example, the clip “Salo” gained more than 5 million views in a month, and “Ukrainian dumplings” – 4 million in two weeks. And I expect that “Ukrainian Borscht” will gain 10 million views. Therefore, my slogan is this: to lobby, create, organize and promote everything Ukrainian in the world. Let’s keep the Ukrainian wave together! ”- Mikhail Poplavsky noted.

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