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From , it is a flexible ring with uncolored Arizona turquoise, which is only impregnated with a colorless transparent agent.
The beauty of the fine beads that line up in an orderly manner is the design.
A finish that allows you to enjoy the moderate volume of the two series and the light comfort.
Gold-colored beads placed here and there add a sparkle accent.
It matches a wide range of fashion because it has a special feeling but is simple.
You can change the top and bottom, change the front direction, or layer it with your ring if you like.

・About 1.4g
・ Yes: SV
・ Approximately maximum width 6 mm x height 3 mm
・No. 9-No. 21
[Use materials]
・ Silver 925
・ Nickel titanium alloy
[Plating material]
-Material: Gold coat (18K)
・ There are individual differences
[Country of origin (land)]


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