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More controversial. Far from the scandal due to the accusation made by the actress Mayra Cuoto against Andrés Wiese for sexual harassment, the artist is a new center of attention for making fun of Pope Francisco, who donated 35 respirators to alleviate the effects of the health emergency in Latin America.

Updated on 06/27/2020 at 6:49 PM

After a news given by a local media, this was Mayra’s reaction on Twitter

The Pontiff has donated 35 pulmonary respirators that were distributed as follows: 4 for Haiti; 2 for the Dominican Republic; 2 for Bolivia; 4 for Brazil; 3 for Colombia; 2 for Ecuador; 3 for Honduras; 3 for Mexico; 4 for Venezuela; 2 for Cameroon; 2 for Zimbabwe (through the local Episcopal Conference); 2 for Bangladesh; and 2 for Ukraine. Mayra Cuoto  siempre polémica.Mayra Couto always controversial.

A few days ago, Mayra Couto returned to testify about Andrés Wiese, after the actor announced legal measures against his former partner of “At the bottom there is room” in a recent interview with “The Chinese band.”La burla de Mayra CuotoMayra Couto’s mockery

The Peruvian artist, who lives in Cuba, minimized the number of respirators that will be donated and highlighted that none are sent to Peru, one of the countries most affected in the region by coronavirus infections. In that sense, it is true. Peru is not included.Según el actor, ambos estaban en su cama, pero él entendió mal las señales y ella frenó el hecho.(Captura de pantalla / América TV).According to the actor, they were both in her bed, but he misunderstood the signs and she stopped the fact (Screenshot / América TV).

In addition, he said: “Yes, I do not like Andrés Wiese, I like intelligent men who have subjects of conversation, studious, humble and well chamba. Sorry @AndresWieseR ”.

Couto used his Twitter account to retweet the video that a follower shared a few days ago, but whose recording was allegedly given in 2014. The images show the couple of actors sending greetings to a club of followers. “He is the only one who encourages physical contact. At no time do I do it and he ends up shutting me up by covering my face with the gift of our fans, ”reads the first part of the tweet.


Andrés Wiese: Lawyer stated that the Prosecutor’s Office initiated an investigation against him. (Magaly TV)


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