Mayor Valérie Plante sued again, for $ 120,000

After her chief of staff last week, now Sue Montgomery is suing Mayor Valérie Plante and the City of Montreal, claiming $ 120,000 for damage to her reputation and defamation.

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With the filing of this other legal remedy, a new milestone is set in this saga between the two women which began in 2019, and which is far from over.

In her petition filed with the Montreal courthouse, the mayor of the Côte-des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, Sue Montgomery, affirms that she has been portrayed in the eyes of the public as “solely responsible of a toxic climate within her borough ”, when she was expelled from the Projet Montréal party by Mayor Plante.

Mayor Valérie Plante sued again, for $ 120,000

Photo d’archives, Agence QMI

This lawsuit is filed a week after that of the former chief of staff of Montgomery, Annalisa Harris, for similar reasons, totaling $ 186,125.

The Comptroller General of the City, Alain Bond, is also targeted by the two appeals.

False claims

An internal investigation into the City’s human resources had concluded that the former chief of staff, Harris, had made “psychological harassment” against two municipal employees.

Measures were then put in place in December 2019, in particular that of preventing Harris to contact borough officials.

At a meeting a month later, it was recommended that the latter be fired.

Shortly after, Valérie Plante announced that she was ejecting Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery from her party, after The newspaper revealed that his chief of staff was the subject of a report.

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Draconian measures

Mme Montgomery refused to fire Mme Harris, because she hadn’t been able to see the entire investigation report, only the recommendations.

«[Mme Montgomery] cannot act and take drastic measures only based on conclusions which have been reported to it without knowing the facts, ”the prosecution argued.

It is added that the mayoress Plante committed “several faults” and “misled the public” by reproaching Montgomery for not firing his chief of staff.

The mayor of the Côte-des-Neiges — Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough is therefore claiming $ 120,000 in damages for the damage to her reputation in this whole affair.

“Judicial peace”

Last week, the team of Mme Plante had indicated that the City “would have hoped for judicial peace” for the benefit of all parties, but that Harris will be, I replied.

“Unfortunately, Mme Harris et Mme Montgomery have chosen to multiply legal remedies. These are the citizens of the CDN-NDG borough [Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce] who are paying the price for this strategy, ”the mayor’s press secretary, Geneviève Jutras, indicated by email.

When uploading, The newspaper still had no reaction to this second pursuit.

Remember that Annalisa Harris is running for election this fall in the new party founded by Sue Montgomery.

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