Man and his dog were able to meet again after suffering a fatal fire

Pets have become a very important part of families around the world, to the point of being considered one more member of the nucleus; that is why their loss or suffering can be as painful as that of any human being.

And it is precisely this fear of losing such a precious being that made the reunion such an emotional moment. between a citizen of the state of Tennessee, in the United States, and his dog, after the latter was rescued from a catastrophic fire that occurred in the house and caused the death of the other family pets, among which were birds, cats and other dogs.

The moving event was shared by the Chattanooga City Fire Department, the place where the incident occurred, through their official Twitter account, the same medium through which they received a large amount of compliments and words of thanks for their important work in saving any life.

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Senior firefighter Scott Rouse reunites a dog with his owner after being rescued from his home on Alabama Avenue, severely damaged by fire. Other dogs, cats and birds died in the fire. Heartwarming moment with this surviving pet ”, you can read in the publication made by the institution.

In the video you can see the precise moment in which el bombero Scott Rouse he approaches, with the dog in his arms, to the man affected by the fire, before which the latter touches his face with evident astonishment and melancholy, because before the devastating panorama with the death of other animals he couldn’t believe one of his dogs had survived. Of course, he finally starts crying with happiness.

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And it is that, this brave dog had to be revived before said scene, because It almost had an outcome similar to that of the other pets. In fact, in the images you can see that he is wearing an oxygen mask, this due to the damage to his respiratory tract caused by the flames and smoke.

The publication made by the fire department it already has more than 9 thousand reproductions and a large number of people have reacted to the emotional encounter. “What an exciting encounter”, “They really are heroes without capes, just the best!” Y “This absolutely broke my heart”, were some of the comments.

According to reports from the Chattanooga Fire Department, it is believed that the fire was caused by a badly extinguished cigarette and, fortunately, there were no human victims because at the time of the emergency no person was inside the home.

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