Lyme disease: Maryse Alain will be treated in Arizona

HEALTH. Resident of Saint-Prosper, Maryse Alain has struggled for many years for her survival. She also fights, in parallel, to have the disease from which she suffers, Lyme disease, recognized.

A native of Trois-Rivières and mother of two children, Ms. Alain was bitten by a tick more than 10 years ago and has been on sick leave for nearly six years (in September). She will soon be traveling to Scottsdale, Arizona, to receive treatment appropriate to her situation.

Ms. Alain, whose situation has deteriorated over the past few years, was looking for a place on the planet that would take charge of her complex medical file within a reasonable period of time. She identified two specialist clinics in the United States and one in Germany. After discussions and verifications, she and her partner Dominic Quirion opted for a Scottsdale clinic specializing in the treatment of cases of level 4 cancer and chronic cases of Lyme disease, from which Maryse suffers.

On site, she will benefit from full support from the staff in place and members of the interdisciplinary team who are associated with various hospitals in the region.

If all goes as planned, the couple and their two children will soon be heading to Arizona for a stay of at least six weeks, perhaps a little more for Maryse depending on the treatment chosen and the effectiveness of the treatment. this last.

“During the first meeting, which should last between two and three hours, we will talk about my file and what they will offer me a series of tests that I will have the leisure to accept or not. After analyzing them, they should offer me a complete treatment protocol, ”says Maryse.

“If there is something else, they will discover it too”, she adds, specifying that the tests will make it possible to verify everything: infections, bacteria, parasites, immune system, neurological, hormonal and genetic disorders, microbiota. “They will validate how my body works and offer me a treatment specific to my condition, personalized and linked to my DNA. “

Maryse Alain can count on the unwavering support of her husband Dominic Quirion, who has shared her life for 15 years.

Salty bill

The tests she will undergo and the treatments she will receive will require an investment ranging from $ 90,000 to $ 120,000 Canadian.

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“I told my partner that my health was priceless, even though I haven’t worked for six years. Just in salary, it’s been a long time since I lost this sum anyway, ”she mentions, adding that for two years, they have spent between $ 30,000 and $ 35,000 on drugs and treatments of all kinds.

Maryse and Dominic point out that the series of tests should cost between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 Canadian, while the treatment should cost between $ 80,000 and $ 90,000. Family travel and living expenses in Arizona are not included.

As it is a private clinic, Maryse and Dominic emphasize that they have contacted various patients who have passed through this clinic and have shown them, in detail, all the quotes and invoices received. “We spoke with three people who have been there and who have had excellent results, with a success rate of around 95%. It’s encouraging, ”they say.

Crowdfunding campaign

To help them cover part of the medical costs and required treatments, the couple launched a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe platform. Maryse hopes to raise $ 50,000 and so far, nearly $ 13,000 has been raised in two weeks. Those interested in supporting Maryse Alain in this treatment which, she hopes will enable her to resume her life, can do so by clicking on the following link:

Fight over 10 years

It was during a visit to Maryse’s parents, 10 years ago, that the couple noticed that Maryse had been bitten by a tick, without knowing however what it was at that time.

“I remember seeing a big target appear on my body. I already swell with normal mosquito bites, but it was out of proportion, ”she says, adding that it was while doing research on Google, a few years later, that she discovered the disease. same picture and makes the association with Lyme disease.

“We wondered what it was, but we didn’t know it at the time. I never saw the tick, but the target was there. Shortly after we moved into our current home, I started feeling bad, super tired for nothing and we were wondering if I had the flu in the middle of summer. It was really strange ”, specifies Maryse who adds that for years, she tried to find answers to her questions, without success.

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A year after her second pregnancy, seven years ago, Maryse began to suffer from severe pain in her stomach. After a visit to her gynecologist, she was referred to a specialist in Quebec City who discovered that her uterus had fused with part of her bladder and her rectus muscle. The supposedly urgent operation took place after a six-month wait, which left her in chronic pain.

Discovery by chance

It was while waiting for this operation, however, that she learned more about Lyme disease and that it could be the cause of all of her health problems. “We had a dog that came back with a tick and I started searching the Internet to find out more about it. It was there that I discovered the image of the target like the one I had seen on my body a few years before. It was a revelation for me, it was too striking, ”she says, adding that over the course of her research, she found that the symptoms of Lyme disease went away and came back, which she was also experiencing. .

“There were too many coincidences. Despite that, I was in denial a bit, because I thought the surgery was going to fix everything. The missing link in all of this was my abdominal pain, otherwise everything was in line with Lyme disease. I was being followed to the pain clinic due to my chronic pain and there I was also urged to do research as it was doubtful that Lyme disease could be a possible cause of my problems. “

Maryse Alain stresses that her condition has deteriorated a lot over the past year and that she was unable to let go with folded arms, hence her decision to go to Arizona.

Little known disease in Quebec

Maryse Alain and Dominic Quirion affirm that Quebec doctors and specialists were quickly overwhelmed by his condition. According to them, the Quebec medical profession is not trained enough to diagnose and even less treat Lyme disease in the chronic form, adding that doctors are doing their best with what they have and know.

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“It is not possible to diagnose a disease when you do not have reliable tests”, specifies Maryse who is waiting to be able to meet, one day, Doctor Amir Kadir, one of the few infectious diseases specialists to treat this disease. in Quebec and displayed publicly.

“I have been on the waiting list for two years, but they are not taking new patients because the priority is on COVID,” she said, adding that while there is little research on disease in Quebec, she found several from reputable American universities.

First visit to Plattsburgh

The stay in Arizona will not be the first on American soil for Maryse and Dominic who, in May 2019, discovered a clinic in Plattsburgh, New York, specializing in the treatment of Lyme disease. It was there that she was officially confirmed to have Lyme disease for the first time.

“I met Doctor McShane who told me that for her, it was obvious that I was suffering from this”, specifies Maryse who adds that the latter had prescribed her an intensive treatment based on antibiotics, antifungals. and natural products to improve your immune system. “It was the first time, after all these years of fighting, that I finally received a treatment that worked for me,” she says.

Her doctor retired a year ago, which complicated things for Maryse as the prescription for the treatment offered could not be renewed. “I was waiting for a response from another doctor, trained by Dr. McShane, whom I asked to take over. It took me six months to take only natural products and my situation deteriorated greatly during that time. “

The doctor in question prescribed him new antibiotics last November, with natural products, but the results were not as good. “She offers a different way of doing things, which is possibly less suited to my situation. There have been no improvements in my body since that time, ”she laments.

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