Luis Villarejo’s Thursdays: The Sub’21

The sub ’21. Thus, dry stick. It is a term that gives good vibes. It sounds fresh, like a talent academy, a fragrance of orange and cedar from Rituals, people who say good morning in the elevator and especially emerging footballers, who will all end up being millionaires in the medium term, a good part of them playing outside from Spain. Now they are already abroad Josep Martínez (Leipzig), Gonzalo Villar (AS Roma), Brahim (AC Milan) or Abel Ruiz (Sporting de Braga).

The sub ’21 is the first step to success. A word that transcends borders. With irony and mimicry, Argentines now use this rhetorical figure in Leo Messi’s favorite series, ‘El Marginal’, a Netflix drama where young people with less experience in the prison world try to survive against veterans. In fiction, that youth group that aspires to power in prison and who play football in the courtyard of the train is called ‘the sub’ 21 ‘in fiction. It is copyrighted and enforces the sub ’21 concept. In Spain, it is a friendly concept. In large part, produced by the charisma of Luis de la Fuente, a Riojan from Haro who understands the collective as the fusion of three vectors: team, group and family to give unity to the project of values ​​that he highlights with his emotional intelligence.


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The first time in Spain he began to whistle with ‘La sub’ 21 ‘was in 1986. Spain won the Eurocup of the category, with Luis Suárez, who did his doctorate there, before making the leap to the absolute already in the World Cup from Italy ’90. Ablanedo, Solana, Sanchís, Andrinúa, Quique Flores, Gallego, Eusebio, Roberto, Eloy, Gabino and Paco Llorente. Juan Carlos and Ramón also played the final against Italy. A bunch of hungry kids. 99 percent later played in the absolute. Face Italy with Zenga, Donadoni, Giannini, De Napoli, Vialli and Mancini. Almost nothing. It was the glamor of Calcio at that time where the best players in the world played. Spain painted the face of Italy by playing football very well. Exquisite Ricardo Gallego, Eusebio Sacristán, electrician Paco Llorente, Marcos’s father. Sobrios Sanchís and Andrinúa.

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In the last twenty years, the growth of the factory of the sub ’21 is exponential. If it were publicly traded, it would be a permanently rising stock, ground gold, an extremely profitable start-up. One of the first countries that began to draw on Spanish talent was the Premier League. In 2001, Spain played in Birmingham, at the Saint Andrews stadium. The Spanish sub ’21 gave England a good shake (0-4), with two goals from a Celta de Vigo boy: Pablo Couñago. Pablo had already won the U20 World Cup with Iker and Xavi. I was on the platform.

He vaccinated England with two goals that day in Birmingham. And voila, weeks later he signed for Ipswich Town. It was sung. Since then, playing in the sub ’21 is a platform towards the moon. European clubs close to our international ones. No wonder Mikel Merino signed for Dortmund as a kid, before returning to Real Sociedad and becoming a great footballer.

This week Luis Enrique has checked the profile of the new sub ’21. As if it were a car factory on the assembly line, one and another appear, and another and another. Alvaro Fernández, Cucurella, Bryan Gil, Manu García, Javi Puado, Zubimendi, Mingueza, Yeremi … not counting the gifted students such as Pedri, Dani Olmo, Ansu Fati, Ferrán Torres or Mikel Oyarzábal, who have already achieved excellence . All these guys have shown their faces, they will have the medal on their CV of having played a game with the senior team. And the love of the football world, the real one, the authentic one, which will always be grateful for dressing up as soldiers when the Federation needed them in battle.

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