Lucky number, or how to calculate a car number by numerology

Experienced drivers know that every car has its own characteristics, one might say “habits”, even if it seems strange that such a word is applied to an inanimate object.

To find out the nature of your car, you need to find its numerological code or index. This is not difficult to do. All letters of the number must be converted into numbers using the following table (for foreign models – the English alphabet):

1 – a, i, c; 1. a, j, s

2 – б, й, т, ы; 2. b, k, t

3 – in, k, y, b; 3.c, l, u

4 – g, l, f, e; 4.d, m, v

5 – d, m, x, yu; 5. e, n, w

6 – u, n, c, i; 6.f, o, x

7 – e, o, h; 7.g, p, y

8 – w, n, w; 8.h, q, z

9 – з, р, щ. 9. i, r.

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It is necessary to translate all the letters into numbers, add them together, adding those that are in the number (with the exception of the numerical code with the region number). For the resulting two-digit number, add the digits until you get one, the basic one. It is this that is the index of your car.1. Code 1

Car # 1 is the leader: always ahead, powerful, picking up speed quickly. It rarely breaks, but it requires a special attitude towards itself. A fast, impetuous car must meet its characteristics, have a well-groomed appearance. If it constantly remains dirty, with broken parts, you should not be surprised by accidents and other troubles.

Number one needs care and love. It is good if the owner of the car is a large executive who will use it for business trips. Frequent change of owners is also harmful for him, the best option is one owner for many years, who will monitor the appearance of the car.

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2. Code 2

Car number 2 is an ideal vehicle for business trips: for delivering small loads, trips to the market, for control and inspection of various objects. This is a lucky car, which is rarely stopped by traffic police, it overcomes any obstacles without problems, bends around holes, is easy to drive and stays on the move in all weather conditions.

But here it is important to observe one condition: you need to remain confident, behave firmly and tough, otherwise this iron horse can show its character, be capricious, break down at the most inopportune moment.

3. Code 3

Machine number 3 is suitable for people whose professions are related to money. It brings good luck to all those who are constantly engaged in various financial transactions. Moreover, it will do everything possible to save money for its owner, no minor breakdowns or accidents, as well as meetings with traffic police officers.On the one hand, this is good. But on the other hand, do not relax, any car requires constant care. And, if it doesn’t receive it, it may require major repairs, and it’s not cheap.

4. Code 4

Machine number 4 is a humble hard worker, he does not need someone to fix it. But she has a difficult character, she loves to get into accidents, fortunately, not serious ones, and also cannot stand fast driving, she tries to go around the track laid before.

Her character is most suited to work as a taxi; other people, including fellow travelers, tourists, and even traffic police inspectors, show an increased interest in this car.

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5. Code 5

The car with number 5 is special, with a wayward, but quirky and lively character. At the intersection, he is always the first, but he will not go to a red light. However, it easily exists next to other road users, does not get into accidents.

If you compare him with a person, then this one who follows all the trends in fashion tries to stay in trend. The owner will have to spend money on it, often resort to tuning to meet his requirements. But on the other hand, this is a universal machine in which you can

calmly commute to work, go on vacation, travel long distances. 5 won’t let you down.6. Code 6

Car number 6 is more suitable for women or girls, it is distinguished by an agreeable and balanced disposition. It is good for family trips.

The perfect car for managers. He is loyal to his mistress, hardworking, always ready to deliver passengers and driver where needed, as well as cargo. He is not capricious, rarely gets into accidents, speaking of character – the mildest of all.

But, like all cars, it requires maximum care and attention, do not forget to inspect it from time to time, especially if there is a long road ahead.

7. Code 7

A car number 7 would get along with the driver of some important person, but a nervous, restless owner, making sudden movements, is contraindicated for him.

If we talk about character 7, then this is a restrained, serious car that tries to concentrate as much as possible on what is happening, does not stand out from the stream of other cars. However, she is not ready to give way or stand in a traffic jam for hours. The owner should pay special attention to the body, this is the weak point of this car.8. Code 8.

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Machine # 8 was created for businessmen. The more ambitious and wealthy a person is, the better, in such hands she will show tremendous results, make the impossible possible, surprising all her acquaintances.

Everything related to high status, money is for her. But if she reacts more or less calmly to transporting a bicycle or surfboard, then transporting sacks of cabbage or potatoes will offend her. Otherwise, this is a reliable car that is not capable of delivering any trouble.

9. Code 9

Car number 9 is suitable for generous people who are ready to help others, it is good if such a number is at the rescue service or an ambulance. A car with this number will do everything possible to make it comfortable for all those

who is in her, including the driver and passengers, she tries to deliver only pleasant emotions to those around her. If we talk about the shortcomings – impulsiveness, she tries to be the main one on the road, if she rebuilds, she waits for her to pass, always leaves the intersection first. Because of this, one can get into accidents, but they are not always serious.

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